Uses of Custom Coating and Lamination

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( — July 2, 2021) — As a society, we produce a staggering number of products today using a wide range of materials and processes. These products are used across industries and eventually by the end-consumer as well.

A common thread that runs along these products is the process of coating, packing, and lamination. These three processes are integral to manufacturing because you may need extra protection from other products and the environment as a whole, you may want to reduce friction, and more. Depending on your objective, appropriate material is used to coat or laminate a product.

There are many custom coating requirements too, as some situations are unique and need high quality and precise work. 

Do all these sound intriguing? Let’s look at some examples of situations where this custom coating and lamination come in handy. 

Unmanned Space Vehicle

It’s become a common event to send unmanned vehicles to other planets and stars to explore what they are like and to understand if it’s fit for human civilization. However, these unmanned vehicles throw up many challenges that require custom solutions.

Specifically, these coatings become essential to give the vehicle protection against cosmic dust and radiation that could be present, especially in places where their missions are sent for the first time. 

Depending on the atmosphere of the planet or star, engineers design a custom coating and get it executed by companies that specialize in making them. 

Sail Cloth

Sailors have used sailcloth for thousands of years to provide resistance against the winds, maintain its shape for easy navigation, and durability, given that they used to sail for months on end.

Over the years, sailors have experimented with different material types such as cotton and nylon, but they come with limitations. The emergence of laminated cloth has been a boon for those who love to sail as it combines sturdiness, stretchability, and durability to give higher levels of wind resistance and easy navigation. Hence, laminated sailcloth is used widely around the world today.

Lightweight Batteries

Batteries have a far-reaching impact in both the industrial and commercial space as many devices depend on them to run. These are fairly ubiquitous as well.

One of the reasons for this wide adoption of batteries is that they are not so heavy and come in many sizes and shapes, so they could fit well across different devices. As we strive to make smaller and powerful products, there’s a big need for making lightweight batteries where the outer layer has a lightweight coating that not only protects the chemical reaction that takes place inside but also ensures that the batteries are light and portable. This necessitated the use of thin and sturdy lamination that achieved the requirements. So, this is one area where a lot of innovation has happened in recent decades, and lamination and coating continue to play a big role in it.

The above use cases are not exhaustive and are showcased to give you an idea of the versatility of custom coatings and lamination and how it fits into products that span from everyday use to exploratory space.