Port Macquarie NSW Investment Property Advisor Fastest Growing Coastal Town 2021

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A top-rated Australian real estate expert has updated his services with strategy sessions for investors, offering them proven strategies that can help them grow their portfolios further.

Lifestyle property entrepreneur and specialist David Gray has updated his training offerings with private strategy sessions for real estate investors and property buyers looking to invest on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

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The newly updated services will allow them to learn David’s proprietary investing strategies, which have enabled him to build a personal portfolio worth over $20 million. The introduction of these sessions is in demand, as lifestyle real estate in Australian NSW Coast Towns is on an all-time high.

David’s strategy sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics, including real estate investing, property management, finance facilitation, auctions, the customer journey, and more. His insights are the product of over 20 years of experience in building a portfolio that includes all property types.

Besides being field-tested in one of Australia’s most competitive realty markets, David’s lessons are easy to understand and readily applicable. His vast experience in the industry has also given him a level of intuitiveness that enables him to connect with audiences of various needs and expectations.

These qualities have made him a regular speaker at Elders Real Estate national conferences and wealth-building seminars across the country. Moreover, his expertise in the field has been sought by several publications and real estate platforms.

Dave is inviting professionals, business owners, and anyone keen on wealth-building to take advantage of the current developments in the property market. Despite the catastrophic impact of the pandemic on other industries, the property sector in NSW has thrived.

Learn more about David and how he can help you build wealth at https://davidcgray.com.au/about

His training sessions have been praised by numerous professionals in the industry, with many remarking on his passion for helping his peers succeed. “David has ‘skin’ in the game, and backed his ideology up with his money, time, and expertise. He mentored me along the way and stepped up to take control when hard decisions had to be made,” one former client wrote.

Furthermore, David is an active supporter of advocacies in his local community. He recently sponsored a fundraising event “Hastings Stars Dance For Cancer” that raised over $180,000 for cancer awareness.

Additional details about his e-book and other services can be found at https://davidcgray.com.au