Shower Drain Hair Catcher – Amazon Choice Bathtub Protection Accessory Announced

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Amazon has announced the TubShroom drain protector as a top-pick bathroom accessory. The strainer can be used to effortlessly catch human and pet hair from a standard shower or tub drain.

The TubShroom has been announced as a recipient of an “Amazon Choice” award in the Bathroom Sink and Bathtub Accessory category. The drain protector’s patented design has also previously won the 2018 KBB Product Innovator Award and the TIME Best Inventions Award.

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The newly announced honor denotes the TubShroom as a highly rated and well-priced bathroom product that is available for immediate shipping on Amazon. With over 80,000 customer reviews, the popular hair catcher eliminates the need for expensive visits from the plumber and toxic chemical-based drain cleaners.

Customers can use the gadget to conveniently prevent pet and human hair from clogging up their bathtub or shower drains. Unlike similar products on the market, the TubShroom can be seamlessly inserted into the drain without disrupting water flow.

The hair catcher was created to snuggly fit any standard drain opening from 1.5 to 1.75 inches without complicated installation. In addition, the product is made from industrial-strength silicone material designed to last for at least a decade.

When needed, customers can clean the strainer by simply removing it from the drain and wiping off any collected hair with a paper towel. The gadget is dishwasher-safe and can be rinsed with almost any bleach-free cleaner.

The TubShroom brand also offers a variety of other products to protect the drains in each room of the home, including the Kitchen SinkShroom Strainer, the StopShroom Drain Cover, and the ToiletShroom Toilet Plunger.

The TubShroom drain protector is currently available to purchase on Amazon as well as at national retailers such as Lowe’s, Target, Menards, and CVS. Customers with questions or concerns about a product can contact the company’s support team at (631) 393-0986.

A satisfied customer said: “I have been using the TubShroom in my shower for over a year now. It has survived all of the hot water and still remains intact and in good condition. It catches a lot of hair that would otherwise go down the drain. Overall, it’s a great idea and very useful.”

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