Forex Trading Books for Beginners

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( — July 14, 2021) — This article is all about the forex trading books that are helpful for traders. The most popular forex trading books are ‘The Art of Currency Trading’ ‘Currency trading for Dummies’, ‘The visual investor’, ‘Day trading and swing trading the currency market’. 

What is forex trading?

Forex trading means the exchange of one currency into another currency. The forex markets are run globally, the primary four centers which are located in Sydney, New York, Tokyo, and London. Every day the currency transaction of individuals, companies, and banks is around $6.6trillion, which is a huge amount. Forex trading is for a variety of reasons such as trading, tourism, commerce, etc. 

What are the best forex trading books for beginners in the market? 

  • The visual investor

The author of the book is John J. Murphy, a former technical analyst in CNBC, and he has forty years of experience in trading, which is huge. In this book, the author described how to follow up or down currency prices by watching the forex charts and indicators.

  • Currency trading for Dummies 

Kathleen’s Broke and Brain Dolan write the book; both the writer also has 20 years of experience in trading. In this book, you have to read about the forex market and how the market works, and how you become a part of the trading. And also discuss the scope in trading and the size of the market.

  • The Art of Currency Trading

Brent Donnelly writes the book, and he is also a forex trader. This book is helpful to the trader for teaching you how to profit from trade currencies in the actual world.

  • Day trading and swing trading the currency market

The author of the book is Kathy Lien, and she is also a managing director of Fx strategy and co-founder of In the book, she discusses the strategy of day trading and swing trading. You also learn about how the interbank currency market works.

How do I start trading after reading forex trading books on investments?

You need to follow only a few steps and start trading with T1Markets

  • You have to fill an online application form to open a training account with T1Markets in which you put all the essential details of the traders such as name, age, address, country, etc. 
  • The newcomers in the trading account fill the questionnaire form with their answers regarding the trading goal and plans. 
  • Then the trader has to verify the document with the government ID card. 
  • In the end, the trader has to deposit the minimum amount of money to the brokers.
  • Start the trading. 

How many types of investing in the market? 

There are various types of investing in the market where the most of the trader invest their money in these assets:  

Forex market: The forex market is the decentralized global market worldwide where the trader trades on the currency pair. In simple words, the exchange of one currency into another currency. 

Cryptocurrency market: The cryptocurrency is the market where the traders buy and sell the coins in the market; the example of the cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It is the digital currency of the traders it can use anywhere for shopping, hotels, etc.

Stock Market: Stock trading is where the investor buys and sells a company’s share (publicly listed). The investor buys and sells the share through the electronic medium from the stock market with brokers’ help. 

Commodity market: Commodity trading is the marketplace where the buying and selling of the raw material and finished products. For example, the market commodities are corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, soybeans, etc. 

These are the best brokers in the forex market

  • T1Markets

T1Markets is the General Capital Brokers Ltd (GCB) operating name, and it is regulated and approved by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The brokerage company offers 300+ CFDs assets, including forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, metals, indices, and commodities. 

The brokerage giants offer the leverage to all the traders like for professional traders, the leverage is 1:500 and for the retail traders 1:30. The investor can choose mainly three types of trading account such as silver, gold, and platinum. On the special demand, the broker also offers Islamic trading accounts.

  • ROinvesting

It is the representative name of Royal Forex Ltd, and it is sanctioned and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The brokerage giants use the MetaTrader 4 platform for the web trader, mobile trader. The brokerage company also offers the three types of trading account such as silver, gold, and platinum.  

The Bottom Line

Lastly, if you have a curiosity to learn about forex trading, then books must be read and then experienced in trading. After learning about forex trading, select the best brokers in the market, such as T1Markets and ROinvesting, because they have great features and functions. To know more about forex trading you can go through