Lafayette Aquatic Weed Removal Services & Lake Pond Vegetation Harvesters Launch

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The famous DK Environmental, available at 925 935-4200, is offering an affordable aquatic weed removal service for those who want to keep a safe, clean pond or lake this summer.

The popular DK Environmental announced it is offering a highly affordable aquatic weed removal service for clients who want to keep their lakes or ponds fun, safe and beautiful this spring and summer season.

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The DK Environmental is a trusted team of aquatic vegetation removal specialists based in Lafayette, CA, with more than 35 years of experience helping the public keep their lakes, ponds and aquatic environments in good condition.

To make sure everyone can keep their favorite lake or pond beautiful, safe and enjoyable this spring and summer season, the company is now offering a highly affordable aquatic weed removal service.

The service delivered by seasoned, trained pros who use the latest amphibious aquatic maintenance equipment gets rid of any iris, bulrush, cattail, willow or algae accumulated in the water, quick, cheap and stress free.

This allows clients to not only free up the space for the whole family to swim, fish, dive and enjoy the water in peace but also add to the look of their favorite ‘oasis’ and make the right impression with the guests, neighbors and clients.

It also helps create an open flow of water to lessen the risk of flooding and damage to the nearby areas and more access for the professionals to control mosquitoes and the dangerous West Nile or Zika virus.

With their three decades of experience and industry leading amphibious equipment, the DK Environmental crews are also able to help with any sediment removal & dredging or wetland construction work the client may require to clean, maintain or create a pond they love.

The team at DK Environmental explains “it is no fun trying to enjoy a lake or pond and have it choked with weeds. We specialize in making all and any aquatic problems go away, so everyone can enjoy the water completely stress free.”

To talk to the team at DK Environmental and find out more about the affordable aquatic weed removal service they have available for this spring and summer season, clients can visit their website at the link provided above.