Hearing Aid Technology Advancements and Hearing Loss Diagnostic Test For Adults

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An independent, Australia-wide hearing healthcare provider announced that they are providing their patients access to the latest diagnostic techniques and bluetooth hearing aid technologies.

Attune Hearing Pty Ltd, an independent, Australia-wide hearing healthcare provider, has announced a service update guaranteeing that their clients will have access to the latest diagnostic techniques and hearing aid technologies available on the market today.

More details can be found at https://www.attune.com.au/services/hearing-tests-adult

The announcement will be of interest to anyone seeking to manage hearing loss or audiological conditions and would like to speak to an independent diagnostic audiology expert.

The impact of hearing loss in individuals has been linked to depression, cognitive decline, and a greater risk of injury from falls. Despite this, many people delay seeking treatment for hearing loss because they do not want to wear a hearing aid.

Advancements in hearing aid technology means people no longer need to wear bulky and unsightly equipment. Modern hearing aids are designed to look like sleek music-streaming earbuds.

Signia is one of the leaders when it comes to advancements in hearing aid technology, The Signia Xperience hearing aid and the Signia Assistant app use both Bluetooth technology and cloud computing to bring you the ultimate hearing experience with groundbreaking AI (artificial intelligence) the app provides you with personalised sound adjustments to help you find your perfect sound in every situation. It’s a highly advanced AI feature that enables you to tell the Assistant through the app you would like to optimize the sound or receive support to hear someone or something even clearer.

Whereas older hearing aids simply acted as amplifiers, many modern hearing aids utilize smartphone technologies to provide the computing power to run machine learning, enabling the wearer to adjust their hearing to different settings.

As an independent healthcare provider, Attune Hearing has access to the latest and best hearing aid technologies. Attune Hearing Audiologists work hard to match the right hearing solution to the individual client’s needs, including lifestyle, budget, and choice.

Attune Hearing is recommended by more than 3,000 GPs. Anyone experiencing sudden hearing loss should first approach their doctor for a medical referral however, bookings are essential for those with sudden hearing loss. Adults seeking a diagnostic analysis of their hearing can book an appointment directly with Attune Hearing or attend an Attune clinic following a GP appointment with a medical referral. Either way, they will have an audiogram and report sent directly to their GP and ensure their hearing is thoroughly investigated.

To learn why thousands of GPs trust Attune’s audiologists, visit: https://www.attune.com.au/gp-hub/reasons-gps-choose-attune-hearing

All of the company’s audiologists are fully qualified and have either a master’s, doctorate or post-graduate degree from accredited universities, and are members of Audiology Australia or the Australian College of Audiology.

The clinical Director Jenny Stevens states, “The company provides comprehensive diagnostic assessments of the auditory system for a client’s hearing and the vestibular system for their balance. These simple tests are non-invasive and completely painless. Our audiologists take a holistic approach to determine if underlying pathology is present which triggers a GP referral for further diagnostic testing or matching the right hearing technology to suit the individual’s specific needs. Treating hearing loss may require medical intervention, surgery or a prescribed hearing device to manage a person’s hearing loss.”

Attune also trains their staff in Tinnitus treatment and management to help those living with Tinnitus best navigate their condition with a variety of therapeutic options at their disposal.

For more information about Attune Hearing’s latest diagnostic techniques and hearing aid technologies call 1300 736 702 or submit an enquiry through the Attune website.https://www.attune.com.au/services/hearing-tests-adult