Positive Customer Relationship Expert Strategy – Instructional SMB Video Launch

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Dr. Scott Colonna, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, has released his latest practical tips video for business owners who want to improve their customer relationship experiences.

Dr. Scott Colonna, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, has announced the release of his latest inspirational video for business owners who want to learn how to create a positive customer experience for their clients.

For more details, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al9YgOD8Xb4

The latest announcement provides a highly effective strategy and solution for those who would like to improve their business and their relationships with customers.

According to statistics, 52% of clients who have a positive customer experience will most likely make a repeat purchase. However, 48% of customers who have a negative customer experience will tell others about it, while 55% will move over to a different brand. Furthermore, 63% of consumers will look for negative customer experiences before they decide to purchase from a business or not.

Dr. Scott Colonna offers doctors and small businesses access to high-quality coaching solutions to help them learn how to improve their relationship skills with their customers for increased profitability.

In his latest video, Dr. Scott Colonna explains in his ‘Two Minute Rx’ motivational talk how important it is to provide a ‘WOW’ experience to retain long-term clients and improve turnover and profits. He says there are three parts to creating a positive customer experience. These would be the time periods before the client goes to the business destination, while they are there, and after they leave.

First, practical tips beforehand include the manner in which the telephone is answered, the business website quality and overall appearance, and how the potential client is recruited through marketing endeavors.

Second, while the client is at the business premises, attention should be given to smiling, showing care, finding out why they came in, and respecting their time. Third, the business owner must consider whether the client’s question or problem was resolved.

With the latest announcement, Dr. Scott Colonna continues to invest in high-quality motivational solutions to help business owners improve their operations and increase their income.

Dr. Scott Colonna said, “It is our responsibility to teach the next generation of business owners the most profitable way to build their empire.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al9YgOD8Xb4