Blockchain E-commerce Platform For Small Businesses – Tech Tools Launched

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CrowdPoint Technologies has announced the launch of its blockchain-powered digital tools that aim to help small businesses adapt and compete in the e-commerce segment.

CrowdPoint Technologies, a digital platform provider, has announced the launch of new tools to help small businesses succeed in the e-commerce segment. The company’s innovative platform is based on blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and compaction.

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With the new announcement, CrowdPoint is seeking to democratize the internet by empowering small businesses with a blockchain ecosystem that will enable them to compete with big technology companies.

Blockchain, a digital record-keeping technology, is well-known for being the backbone of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, its use cases go far beyond cryptocurrencies. With its decentralized and secure storage structure, blockchain is being implemented in multiple industries for purposes such as supply chain management.

By providing a comprehensive business-in-a-box solution, CrowdPoint aims to take advantage of blockchain’s potential to reduce transaction costs for small businesses. Similarly, its platform uses Big Data’s capabilities to analyze information about prospective customers and attract them to clients’ e-commerce websites.

Small and medium-sized businesses can adapt CrowdPoint’s tools based on their specific requirements. These tools include an e-commerce website, blockchain exchange, email campaigns and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that certify a digital asset as unique. The digital platform also offers Know Your Customer (KYC) integration, customer relationship management and crowdsourced search engine optimization.

A major benefit is that it offers integration with exchanges across industries. This enables customers to trade products and services securely without intermediaries. As a result, sellers earn better margins and customers pay less. Each transaction on the exchange earns customers a CROWD Coin, a digital currency that is pegged to physical silver.

CrowdPoint caters to a wide variety of clients. This includes manufacturers seeking to expand globally, technicians in the gig economy and resellers. The company’s new announcement aims to boost the prospects of businesses across segments with blockchain-powered solutions.

A company representative said: “Our use of blockchain helps businesses identify exposures and constraints for optimization and opportunities. Using the best of what has worked in the past, we proliferate success for your future on blockchain.”

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