Signs Your Marriage Is Over And It Is Time For Divorce

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( — July 26, 2021) —

Marriage is tough and requires work on a daily basis to keep the relationship healthy. People change over the course of time for one reason or another. Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship whether you have been married for a few years or for decades. There are telltale signs that a marriage is over that will be discussed in this article. Remember that great marriages never end in divorce which is something you can take comfort in. The following are signs that your marriage is over and it is time to file for divorce. 


Abuse takes so many forms that it can be hard to identify if the abuse is not physical. Separation from family and friends isolates a person which is a form of abuse. There might always be an excuse why you can’t see those that you care about most. They could talk down about your friends or family. Most of the time this has to do with separation so those you care about cannot see the way you are treated. Verbal abuse is very common and is not something that should be tolerated but this can be a communication issue at times. Communicating problems early can help avoid huge fights where things are said that both parties will regret. 


Infidelity is something that has changed in the world of dating apps. People are secretive with their phones but most have nothing to hide. If you suspect infidelity, there are apps that can track a car let alone a phone. Secrecy is one thing as some people are quite private but cheating is never fine in a marriage at all. A number of people consider this a divorce-worthy offense while others are willing to give a spouse another chance. 

Failure To Care For The Children

Children totally change the dynamic of a relationship as even if the marriage ends, you have to see your ex regularly. Child support is going to be discussed during the divorce and this can be a very contentious subject. Extraordinary expenses in child support can be gas or travel money to bring the children from one point to another to see your ex. Putting aside personal issues is important as it is in the best interest of the children if you do decide to finalize the divorce. 

Not Willing To Fight For The Marriage

Going to marriage counseling is something that you need to try. The fact that one partner is not willing to do this means that they are not willing to fight for the marriage. You should look into counseling early as problems could compound and become too much to repair. There are so many marriage counselors that you can find one that truly understands your position. If you both feel like a counselor is giving poor advice, find another one as not all are suited for your relationship.

Marriage is tough and should be taken seriously as it is a huge decision. The signs above are great indcators that your marriage is over and you should file for divorce.