Apple Valley CA Residential Solar Battery Backup System Installations Launched

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OptionOneSolar (855-502-6363) of Apple Valley, CA, has expanded its services to include the installation of residential battery backup systems that can store solar energy in case of power outages.

OptionOneSolar, a solar panel provider based in Apple Valley, California, has expanded its services to provide clients with residential battery backup systems.

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By expanding its battery installation services, OptionOneSolar can help homeowners who experience frequent power outages store extra power from their solar panels. Rather than sending excess solar energy to the utility grid, homeowners can store the power for emergencies and stop relying on their utility companies.

Due to the high costs associated with installing residential solar battery backup systems, they may not be a good investment for homeowners purely looking to save money.

A battery typically saves clients an average of $30 per month, but it can cost between $7,000 and $14,000 to install. Installation costs vary depending on the brand of battery, its chemistry, the number of batteries, electrical upgrades, and labor.

That being said, solar batteries may be worth the cost for some homeowners, because they provide added comfort and peace of mind. Many clients live in areas that experience widespread blackouts, and some do not have access to full retail net metering.

A battery backup system provides a reliable, environmentally friendly source of power that can keep lights, appliances, and life-saving medical devices functioning during an outage.

If homeowners deem them worth the upfront costs, batteries can keep the lights on during blackouts, eliminate the need to pull power from the grid at peak hours, and give property owners independence from their utility companies. OptionOneSolar offers long-lasting LiFe(PO4) batteries with superior thermal and chemical stability, and each battery comes with a 10-year warranty.

OptionOneSolar provides residential and commercial solar installation services in High Desert and San Bernardino counties. Its solar experts analyze each client’s energy usage and can design a solar panel and battery backup system that suits each client’s lifestyle and financial situation.

A satisfied client said, “Option One Solar was our choice for solar after looking into various other companies. The entire process was a great experience, from the design work with KC to the final installation. Option One’s installation crew did a very professional and clean job.”

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