Drake Reno Emotional Intelligence Course For Leadership/Financial Success Launch

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Drake Reno’s Emotional Intelligence course will be available in September. The EQ course builds leaders to use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

Multi-awarded Trainer & Executive Coach Drake Reno announces his new course ‘Inner Mastery’, an Emotional Intelligence training for leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers will be available in September. The training is EQ 360/EQ-i 2.0 certified, which are accredited by the American Psychological Association.

More details can be found at www.AcademyOfHumanPerformance.com

The newly announced training aims to demystify the application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in every aspect of life. Reno trains students on how to develop their EQ to improve their social skills, cope with challenges, and use emotional information correctly. In particular, how proper use can help individuals achieve greater success & wellbeing, and companies to develop leaders, employee retention rates, and increase revenue.

Reno describes, “Students learn how to respond proactively when making important decisions vs reacting, build empathy to improve collaboration, build resilience to perform at their best in challenging times, and create balance for personal happiness and wellbeing. Most are unaware that Emotional Intelligence is not some new ‘fad’. EQ has been studied and written about for nearly 50 years in schools like Harvard and Yale and used by Fortune 100 companies around the world. I’m so excited to finally bring this work to the public.”

Emerging data highlights the necessity of developing one’s EQ, with experts stating that it is the single largest component to a person’s well-being and performance at work. Unlike IQ, EQ does not remain static and can be changed and improved using the right strategies.

Drake Reno has coached high-performing leaders in business and entrepreneurs for more than two decades and is one of only three trainers in the United States recognized by the International Trainers Academy. His distinctive model has guided people around the world to reaching their potential and achieving their goals, whether personal or business, including industry leaders. Simon Chew, Vice President at Blackrock Financial, the largest asset manager in the world said, “Working with Drake has been life-altering”.

Reno stresses the training is not only for leaders in business. The new EQ course is designed for everyone wanting to improve any aspect of their life, both personally and professionally. It is especially recommended for upper management looking for a fully customizable, hands-on corporate leadership development program. According to Jim Sorebo, Senior Vice President of Highland Capital, after working with Reno, “My division of 200+ financial institutions had a sales increase of 167% during the Covid crisis…”

The new training reveals insights on EQ and its necessity for certain leadership challenges such as risk tolerance, team management, and meeting facilitation. The goal of the program is to build happy individuals, healthy company cultures, and powerful leaders… consequently improving revenue, decreasing burnout, and generating a significant return on investment (ROI).

Ross Martinez, Enterprise Manager at LinkedIn, wrote, “If you want to advance your career and professional development, I recommend Drake. You won’t find a more authentic person with a genuine passion for developing leaders”

Interested parties can also find more information about his range of services at https://www.drakereno.com.