Dog Behavior Disease Detection Training Health Care Website Launched

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Excellent Dog has launched their updated website with guides that will help owners understand their dogs and develop the best possible relationship with them.

Excellent Dog’s updated website with informative reports to help dog owners have the best experience possible with their canine friends has been launched.

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With the site’s extensive data and guidance about dogs, dog behavior, and dog training, this website will appeal to both first-time and experienced dog owners alike so they can understand and help their canine buddies when unexpected problems arise.

Although canines first appeared approximately 40 million years ago, Excellent Dog explains that dogs are descendants of wolves that were domesticated by hunter-gatherers more than 15,000 years ago.

Domestication, a process that took thousands of years, probably began when wolves started eating scraps of food that humans discarded. Humans, then, may have started to feed the wolves and bring them into the home to encourage them to stay nearby as protection.

The site explains that people who are considering becoming dog owners need to be aware of all aspects of what ownership entails. To that end, this site discusses dog health, aggressive dog behavior, dog disabilities, dog loyalty, and other dog issues.

Today’s dog is the result of selective breeding over the years for numerous behaviors and physical attributes so that its long association with humans has been a win-win situation for both humans and canines.

Excellent Dog’s various guides explain how owners can understand the dog they share their home with, how to touch and handle their dog so the dog does not become afraid and bite, how to introduce a new dog to an existing pet, and more.

Dogs are famous for having an incredibly keen sense of smell. They have more than 220 million scent receptors, compared to a mere five to 10 million in humans. Because of this, dogs have been used for years to detect narcotics and bombs, but one of the more important guides on Excellent Dog explains how a dog’s keen sense of smell can also detect various serious conditions because of the odor signature of each disease, including cancer, narcolepsy, migraines, and low blood sugar.

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