Virus Infection Tracking Personal Smartwatch – AI Contact Tracing Device Launch

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SafeZone Inc have launched new reports recommending the use of the SafeStrap virus-tracking watch for schools and businesses to prevent infections during the pandemic.

SafeZone Inc, the creator of the SafeStrap watch, has launched new reports on its website discussing the benefits of using the device to protect schools, businesses, and hospitals during the pandemic.

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The latest announcement responds to an increased interest in tools and technology to monitor the virus, now that some sectors are beginning to open up again and infection rates continue to grow.

The SafeStrap watch from SafeZone Inc uses a unique program to monitor a wearer’s vital signs for any indication that they have been infected by the virus. By gathering data on a person’s temperature, blood oxygen levels, respiration rate, heartbeats per minute, and sleep cycles, the corresponding application can assess whether or not there is any unusual activity and ascertain if the wearer is infected with the virus.

The latest reports from the company recommend the use of the watch to identify cases of the virus while an individual is asymptomatic. If a user is found to have the virus, they are alerted via the app and requested to quarantine, thereby protecting others from potential infection.

One report goes on to detail how the watch can be used to encourage social distancing from infected persons by notifying users when nearby individuals may potentially be infected.

A further article from the company elaborates on this point by emphasizing how this can be utilized by businesses, schools, and within the healthcare sector, by encouraging preventative steps to monitor patients leaving hospitals.

With the latest releases, SafeZone Inc continues to provide quality advice and suggestions as to the use of its SafeStrap product to protect and support individuals and businesses throughout the pandemic:

One report reads: “SafeStrap is a cutting-edge smartwatch that helps individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations protect themselves and others and reduce the spread of the virus. With SafeStrap as your guardian, you can navigate these challenging times with more confidence, knowledge, peace of mind, and safety.”

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