MSM May Help Improve Glutathione Levels, Studies Show

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( — September 28, 2021) Orlando, FL — Antioxidants have long been known to produce remarkable health benefits. One of the popular antioxidants is glutathione, which is produced in cells.

According to experts, it is largely comprised of three amino acids, namely glycine, glutamine, and cysteine. Glutathione is linked with a myriad of health benefits, but its levels may gradually be reduced.

There is a number of factors found to contribute to the reduction of glutathione levels. These particularly include stress, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, and age.

Glutathione is particularly known to stave off the negative effects of oxidative stress, which is linked with a myriad of diseases. 

In a study featured in the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy, it has been found that glutathione deficiency may increase the levels of oxidative stress. When the body undergoes oxidative damage, it increases the odds of cancer. 

Today, various remedies are being investigated by researchers due to their ability to enhance glutathione levels. These include the use of MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane, which is popularized by its arthritis-fighting benefits. 

It is worth noting that scientific research suggests it could inhibit the protein complex called NF-kB, which is involved in inflammatory responses in your body. 

What makes its use even more beneficial is that it may lessen the production of cytokines, particularly including tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-ɑ) and interleukin 6 (IL-6). These are signaling proteins studies have linked with systemic inflammation. 

There have been many research studies looking not just into the anti-inflammatory effects of this remedy, but also its antioxidant activities. Its intake is found to increase glutathione levels. 

A study was carried out and it involved 40 physically active men treated with 3 grams of MSM prior to an exhaustive exercise. It has been found to lessen the release of inflammatory cytokines. It has even shown its ability to inhibit the over-stress of immune cells. 

The anti-inflammatory effects of this natural remedy may be particularly beneficial for the immune system. This is due to the fact that when inflammation goes unregulated, it ends up being chronic. 

Various research studies suggest that chronic inflammation may cause the immune system to go overdrive. 

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