Reading Pillow With Arms – Back/Neck Support Memory Foam Comfort Range Launched

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With growing awareness of the problems caused by poor sitting posture, Husband Pillow announces updated features for its popular large back and neck support pillow.

The enhanced posture support products can be customized by users, allowing them to tailor the pillows’ firmness to suit their own preference, as well as offering an expanded selection of 16 colors.

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Modern sedentary lifestyles continue to cause chronic health problems such as lower back pain. Husband Pillow has designed its XXL pillows with these issues in mind, and the latest enhancements are intended to further improve the versatility of the products for users.

One article, published by MedicalNewsToday, explored the potential health benefits that reading pillows can offer. In addition to the support provided to the back, neck, and shoulders, the report suggested that they can also be helpful to those who suffer from chronic neck and back complaints.

Not all reading pillows are the same, however, with a variety of fillings and fabrics used by different suppliers. In order to be as effective and comfortable as possible, Husband Pillow’s products utilize a shredded memory foam filling with a micro plush cover. The addition of an external zip allows users to add or remove foam to suit their own physique, and complimentary foam is available on request.

Measuring 31 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and with an arm spread of up to 39 inches, the pillows are also suitable for a range of activities throughout the home. The company suggests that these can include reading or watching TV in bed, gaming in front of the couch, or for breastfeeding mothers.

The top bolster pillow is detachable, meaning that it can also be used for additional lower back support, or under the knees. Along with the carry handle and in-built pockets, Husband Pillow’s latest revisions were intended to make the products as convenient and ergonomic as possible.

A satisfied user stated: “I’ve been reading in bed every night for years before sleep. Propping my head and neck on a bed pillow has only resulted in a worsening of chronic neck and back pain. The Husband Pillow supports my neck and spine quite comfortably in a seated position, and I have none of the usual strain I was suffering.”

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