AirPhysio Lung-Expansion Device For COPD | Mucus Clearance Product Launched

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Life Wellness Healthcare has updated its product range to cater to patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It offers the cutting-edge AirPhysio device, providing customers with a reliable way to strengthen their lungs.

The newly updated AirPhysio lung-cleaning product is effective for 99% of customers with respiratory conditions. It has been featured in major news publications and high-authority platforms for its effective results.

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Studies show that there are 16 million people suffering from COPD in the US, and it has become one of the leading causes of death in the country. Common symptoms include breathlessness and frequent coughing, and regular use of the updated AirPhysio can combat these.

Despite there being no cure, experts agree that COPD is often preventable, and it can be treated. Through properly managing the disease, most people can live a quality lifestyle unhindered by the symptoms.

One of the most effective ways of treating the condition is to use the popular AirPhysio device, available from Life Wellness Healthcare. It’s a drug-free solution, and because it’s handheld, it can be carried around with ease and used whenever required.

Customers use the product for a wide range of issues, including asthma, bronchiectasis, and other respiratory conditions. However, one of the most popular use cases is for the diseases that combine to make up COPD.

The product works by assisting breathing and can be safely and effectively used by children, adults, and the elderly. Most customers only need to use the Air Physio for a few minutes at a time, up to three times per day.

AirPhysio has a unique design that utilizes oscillating positive expiratory pressure to stimulate the body’s natural mucus-clearance process. This is particularly well suited to those with COPD because chronic bronchitis causes excess mucus to clog up the lungs.

This OPEP pressure is initiated when the user exhales through the device, which causes the lungs to expand and ultimately strengthen.

A recent customer said: “This is the first time in my life that my lungs feel healthy. I bought the AirPhysio because I was at my wits end with constantly getting bronchitis and pneumonia. It has helped me with expelling phlegm in a natural way.”

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