Creating the Best Tshirt in Singapore with Screen Printing and Embroidery

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( — September 23, 2021) —

There is sometimes a bit of confusion with customers or people not in the t-shirt or jacket printing business to know what the difference is between screen printing and embroidery and how each is achieved. They are both very popular forms of apparel decoration. Custom screen printing is when a screened frame is used with ink and a squeegee to create a design on the chosen material. You can do screen printing on different fabrics and other different materials like metal, wood and so on. Embroidery is not as versatile. It is something just for fabric materials. Where once someone might use thread to hand stitch garments today in the modern world thread, embroidery machines (somewhat like a sewing machine) and computers are now used.

Technology has seen both methods advance

Computers are now a big part of any printing including screens, and as mentioned also for embroidery too. The best tshirt in Singapore will have computers used to help produce the final image so you get the best results. It is the main source of artwork required to then print onto the shirt. There is some hesitation among some people about choosing screen printing as their preferred printing method because of some of the poor results doing the rounds. But as with any business you have printers who know what they are doing, take quality control seriously and pride in their work, and you have others just rushing through orders. Look for the former! The key to the process is making sure the shirt is cured (dried). If the ink is not allowed to dry when it gets put through the wash it cracks off the shirt.

Consider the cost

When you are looking at cost, screen printing is the more affordable option for decorating a shirt or for jacket printing. But there are some situations where embroidery makes more sense. Screen printing suits general t-shirts or jackets, but for something more elegant or more professional, embroidery makes a statement. Embroidery might also be better for caps, visors, jackets and more formal wear and screen printing for t-shirts. The cost of embroidery is more because the cost per stitch adds up. An image that might need 5000 stitches to create, is quicker and easier to print using screen printing. If you can afford it or you do not have a lot of shirts to decorate that might be best. If you are on a budget or have lots to order screen printing might be best.


Now you understand the difference in process and costs you can hopefully make the best choice for your needs and get the best tshirt in Singapore. Look for printers with experience, check out their samples and look at what reviewers have to say online to help guide your decision. If you are not designing your own image, and you want help to design something rather than select from existing images, also look for a service that can offer design help.