Small bathroom: how to fit everything you need in a tiny space

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( — September 27, 2021) —

A small bathroom is a well-known problem in modern apartments, especially painful if the tastes and habits of family members differ. Someone loves a shower, someone prefers to lie down in the bath, someone brings beauty for hours, but someone needs to find a place for all things, appliances, furniture, plumbing, and even so that the result is pleasing. 

In addition, this room performs many different tasks and functions – from the place of washing and drying to the zone of relaxation and immersion in pleasure if you have a luxury bathroom vanity. Let’s try to solve as many problems as possible with competent planning and arrangement of space. 

In most apartments, bathrooms are small, and there is a big problem with arranging everything so that it is convenient and comfortable, and where to find a good bathroom vanity store. First, let’s decide on the style of the bathroom. For a small space, minimalism is best. Everything you need is hidden in the lockers, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness. 

Use light colors

Light also plays a vital role in the bathroom. Light colors and mirrors significantly increase the visual space. To do this, you can use neon ribbons, spotlighting of shelves and niches. 

The proper lighting for a small bathroom

Colors should be selected lighter but diluted, preferably with an original cabinet or floor rug, so the room does not merge into one bright spot. It is better to use light-colored ceramic tiles that imitate wood, stone, and concrete for walls and floors. Well, make the ceiling stretch, matte. 

Vanity unit under the bathroom sink

Of course, the bathroom will benefit; there will be free space. If it is possible to combine a toilet room and a bathroom, then you can expand the area. It will not be superfluous to replace all the plumbing to avoid unpleasant surprises and maximally “brick up” it in the walls. 

Shower or bath

Of course, it’s not wrong to lie down in the bathroom, but it can be replaced with a corner deep shower stall, which will save space as much as possible. 

Spacious and functional lockers

To place hygiene products, we use wall-mounted cabinets. There may well be a mirror on the cabinet door. In the lateral parts of the bathroom, you can equip shelves with brackets, where there will be room for gels, shampoos, and foams. Towel hooks can be placed on the door. It is better not to put containers with household chemicals equipped with sprayers but to hang them on a unique crossbar.

There are many design solutions for the layout of small bathrooms; with the proper planning, they can become much more convenient and practical. And how to change your small kitchen in the following article Ideas for the kitchen, which will prove that a small area is not a hindrance to style.

 Chris Gayle