Milton FL Custom Sunroom Build/Installation – Affordable Service Expanded

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Titan Sunrooms (+1-850-733-7445), family-run custom sunroom providers based in Milton, FL, have expanded their range of services, offering affordable prices straight from the manufacturer.

The newly added services include sunrooms manufactured in Florida, that are specifically engineered to withstand the state’s tempestuous weather, using Colorbeam™ materials for a durable result.

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Titan Sunrooms’ expanded range offers customers an affordable and competitively priced sunroom solution, as the company has its own factory to manufacture it’s sturdy building materials. This effectively cuts out any middlemen or suppliers, passing the reduced cost on to the customer.

Since the sunrooms offered by the company are made in-house by Titan, the quality of their products is guaranteed. Such quality is rarely offered by wholesalers, who often significantly markup the cost of lower-grade items.

Titan Sunrooms is a custom builder, able to provide sunrooms in a variety of styles, sizes, and specifications to meet the needs of the customer. The company offers a no-obligation quote service, free of charge, where a factory representative makes a site visit to review the build area and discuss design options with the homeowner.

Each Titan factory representative is an expert on the materials required to build a sunroom that can withstand Floridian weather and can offer an accurate quote while assessing the site for structural integrity. Once an agreement with the customer has been made, Titan then carries out an important structural engineering review, which is vital for ensuring that the sunroom’s structure can meet local building codes.

The company uses the specially engineered Colorbeam™ Aluminum Framing System to build hurricane-proof structures that stand the test of time. An alternative to traditional light frame systems that regularly collapse under the wind load of the severe local weather. The Colorbeam™system comes in five standard colors and additional premium colors, making the coloring as customizable as the rest of the sunroom.

Titan’s affordable prices and custom designs are available with 3 financing options and are fully installed by the company’s crew to keep costs in-house and as low as possible.

With the latest announcement, Titan Sunrooms continues to invest in offering high-quality, affordable, and durable sunrooms and outdoor structures to customers across Bay, Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Walton County, FL.

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