Affiliate Marketing Free Iceberg Effect Book For Beginners And Experts Released

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Affiliate marketing training and development company Internet Profits launches new book, The Iceberg Effect, for online businesses including comprehensive guidance and free digital material.

Internet Profits, a company providing coaching, training and expertise in affiliate marketing, has launched “The Iceberg Effect”, a free book providing a detailed explanation of pitfalls and processes for aspiring online businesses.

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The newly launched resource offers insights and advice for aspiring affiliate marketers as part of a suite of products which capture the experience of Dean Holland, the company founder and established entrepreneur.

The affiliate marketing industry has seen rapid growth and continues to expand as an effective approach for online brands seeking new customers. Driving customers to one site via affiliate marketing content on another has given the industry an estimated value of twelve billion dollars globally.

The book reveals details of the “Iceberg Effect” and ways to mitigate it, along with over 30 other sections covering a broad range of advice, anecdotes and specific methodologies.

The author, Dean Holland, has presented his work across multiple platforms and provides expert coaching to customers of Internet Profits. The book features a foreword by Russell Brunson, cofounder of software company ClickFunnels and successful entrepreneur.

Topics include productivity tips, how to manage traffic and advice for maximizing profitability. The book has been launched alongside a video containing further advice from Dean Holland. The content is based on the knowledge and experience of the author, who has been working in affiliate marketing since 2004. Internet Profits also provides training, coaching, consulting and hosting or speakers for live events.

A satisfied reader said “This book covers everything, the story of failure through to success, how to adopt the best mindset, a proven business model, how to start and so much more. An easy to read book that you can’t put down.”

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