Removing a CCJ From Your Credit File in 3 Easy Steps

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( — September 27, 2021) — Receiving a CCJ will negatively impact your credit rating. In addition, CCJs will have other consequences such as difficulties in getting credit like getting a mortgage, a credit card, a loan, and even a contract for a mobile phone. It can even result in a job loss which is the worst consequence of all. 

A lot of people wonder how they can remove CCJ from their credit files. And the good news is there are a lot of ways or options to have CCJs removed from your credit report. For more information, check out the details below.

What Is A CCJ?

If you owe a creditor money and cannot pay it back immediately, they can file for a country court judgment (CCJ). If the court agrees with the creditor, a CCJ will be issued to you, and you are required to pay the money you owe back immediately. And if you ignore a CCJ or do not meet the terms provided, the court will take more severe action. They can even take your belongings and properties so you can repay your debt. 

How To Remove A CCJ From Your Credit File

There are several things you can do if you receive a CCJ. Here are the three ways you can use to remove a CCJ from your credit record.

  1. Immediately pay the total amount.

You may choose to pay the total amount immediately. And when we say promptly, you need to pay in full within a month of the date of the judgment so the court can remove it from the register. If you pay within the month, the court will quickly inform the Registry Trust, and the CCJ will be removed from the record. So it will look like no CCJ was issued in the first p[place. 

Furthermore, it is essential to inform your creditor that the money has been paid so they can inform the court. There have been situations wherein the claimant or the creditor does not automatically notify the court. When the court remains unaware, they will not update the Registry Trust, and the CCH will stay on your credit record. 

Do not worry if you find out that your creditor hasn’t informed the court after settling your debt. You can still notify the courts on your own. There are two options if this happens:

First, you can send a letter to the court informing them that you’ve paid your debt. Make sure to include proof of your payment. 

Second, you can do a more formal option. You may apply for a Certificate of Cancellation. If you choose this route, you are required to pay a £15 court fee. You will need to send a duly accomplished claim form along with evidence of your payment. The court will then check with the claimant, and when the company in question informs the court that they have received the payment in full, you will be issued a certificate of satisfaction that will prove that your debt has been cleared. The CCJ will be removed from your credit file, and no further adverse consequences will affect your credit rating.

  1. Wait for 6 Years

You will experience the automatic removal of the CCJ from your credit file if you wait for six years from the date of the judgment. And even if you do not pay the debt you owe to the creditor, the CCJ will still be taken off your credit record. However, six years is a long time to have bad credit. It’s possible to have many missed opportunities if you live with bad credit for six years. If your CCJ is almost six years old, you can wait, but if the CCJ were recently issued, it would be best to pay what you owe immediately instead. 

  1. Have your CCJ Set Aside

The courts can make a default judgment if you put in no defense or do not acknowledge the claim. However, CCJ’s are not classed default judgments if you attend the trial or if the court decides after your admittance of having the debt. 

If your CCJ is a default judgment, courts in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland can decide to have it set aside. A default judgment can only happen when good reason can be proved, such as the form being posted to the wrong address. Or being away from home when they have sent the papers from the court or if you could defend your case. 

What Happens When A CCJ is Removed From My Record

Once it’s removed from your record, your top priorities should be credit repair and staying out of debt. Several credit repair companies can help you with this. And you can also get some advice on how to properly manage your finances so you can protect your credit score and obtain credit in the future.