Edmond OK Pain Management Physicians – Chronic Condition Treatments Launched

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Oklahoma Pain Center (405-752-9600), a medical clinic based near Edmond, has launched a new range of pain management treatments for local patients.

The center’s new treatments are based on cutting-edge medical findings and are provided by highly experienced nurse practitioners and physicians. They can be used to alleviate pain in many areas of the body, such as the neck, back, and face.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.oklahomapaincenter.com

Patients in the Edmond area will now have access to four pain management approaches. They include medication-based treatment, Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Regenerative Therapy, and interventional pain management. These are suitable for a range of pain problems, for example, headaches, lower back pain, and nerve damage. They can also target chronic pain associated with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

Regenerative Therapy is one of the center’s most popular treatments. It is often used as a companion to traditional therapies and utilizes the body’s own healing power to lessen pain. Meanwhile, Ketamine Therapy is a newer treatment that provides pain relief by blocking receptors in the nervous system.

Patients who wish to medicate pain problems will be advised on how to treat their condition safely, without risk of addiction or damage to their faculties. An Interventional approach may also be recommended and can provide a long-term solution.

Interested parties should fill out a new patient form and email it to the clinic along with their medical records. They may also contact the clinic via telephone. Once a new patient is registered, a physician will assess their needs and devise a tailored treatment plan.

A spokesperson for the company says, “At Oklahoma Pain Center, we combine cutting edge medical solutions with traditional methods to help your pain management. Our knowledgeable staff of specialists use state-of-the-art technologies to custom tailor a comprehensive pain treatment plan that fits your specific condition. In addition, we work with a large network of specialists in a variety of fields, enabling you to create an interdisciplinary pain management team so you get the care and treatment you need.”

About The Company

Oklahoma Pain Center is operated by pain management physician Dr. S. Blake Kelly. He specializes in mediation management, joint injections, and chronic pain conditions. Dr. Kelly and his team believe in taking a multi-disciplinary approach to pain relief.

For more information on Oklahoma Pain Center and their new pain management treatments, visit https://finance.yahoo.com/news/okc-regenerative-medicine-protext-flowables-083000759.html