Gresham OR Hand-Baked Submarine Sandwiches – Online Pick-Up/Delivery Launched

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Gresham, OR – Big Time Hero (503-489-1980) announces that all its branches now strictly implement health guidelines to reduce the risk of possible virus transmission. Customers can now order online and pick their sandwiches at their preferred branch or have it delivered to their home.

Big Time Hero’s newly established health guidelines apply to all its 9 branches in the state and one branch in Vancouver, WA. The food franchise says that it is now implementing stricter food and safety protocols to minimize any risk of disease.

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The announcement solidifies the commitment of the restaurant to always put its customers first. It now offers online ordering and encourages guests to pick up their orders in their preferred branch instead of dining in. Not only is this system more convenient, but it also allows customers to use their time more efficiently and do all their chores and pick up their food in one travel.

Emerging data suggest that indoor dining has one of the highest rates of virus transmission. People are often in close contact with each other and are not wearing any protective gear, allowing infectious air particles to enter their mouth, eyes, and nose.

National guidelines suggest limiting indoor dining capacity, but medical experts recommend customers to either have their food delivered or picked up instead. This way, they can eat the food they want and minimize risks.

Big Time Hero recognizes the risks involved in indoor dining and updated its internal processes to make online pick-up and delivery simpler and more convenient. Customers can now call their preferred branch or order on the official website. Guests may also opt to pay online or when they pick up their orders.

This is over and on top of the restaurant’s existing food protocols. All cooks wear protective cooking gear, practice robust hygiene practices, and use only the freshest ingredients. Every branch of Big Time Hero is also certified to follow national food and safety guidelines.

Big Time Hero is known for its original sub sandwiches, called “heroes”. The original heroes are sandwiches made on homemade bread and large enough to share with family or friends. They are intended to be a full meal.

All heroes are hand-baked in each branch.

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