Scientists Now See a Link Between Stress-Induced Gene Alterations and Bipolar Disorder

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( — October 12, 2021) Orlando, FL — Mental health conditions like bipolar disorder affect more and more people today. This is why an increasing number of researchers are carrying out studies to look into the various aspects of this condition.

One study was carried out by the researchers at McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).

It was published in Translational Psychiatry, a Nature Publishing Group journal.

The study findings have found that genetic changes can be modulated by stress in children at a heightened risk of bipolar disorder.

According to Gabriel R. Fries, Ph.D., it has been known that children of patients with bipolar disorder have a higher risk of developing the illness, but the biological mechanisms are largely unknown.

Fries is the first author and a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth.  

“By analyzing the blood of children of controls and comparing it to children of bipolar patients, we identified several genes or markers that can explain the increased risk,” he adds.

In this research, the investigators looked into the peripheral blood mononuclear cells from a total of 18 children and adolescents in three matched groups. These groups are bipolar patients, unaffected offspring of bipolar parents, and children of parents with no history of psychiatric disorders. 

There are many research studies exploring the various aspects of bipolar disorder. This mental health issue is not just highly prevalent but is also notoriously known to reduce the quality of life of sufferers. 

There are scientists who have found that certain nutrients may be helpful for various aspects of mental health. These include B vitamins that have been widely studied by researchers due to their remarkable healing effects. 

According to researchers, B vitamins like B6, folate, thiamin, and B12 have been found helpful among depressed patients, especially in enhancing mood and energy levels. 

Some studies also show that certain B vitamins may be as useful as antipsychotic medication. A study has also demonstrated their use led to significantly reduced symptoms of hallucinations and delusional thinking.

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