Health Experts Find Nutrition Has Positive Impact on Bone Strength

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( — October 21, 2021) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more researchers are looking into ways to enhance and protect the bones. Scientists and even fitness experts found that nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining and achieving bone strength.

According to researchers from the University of Michigan, nutrition actually has a greater impact on bone mass and strength compared to exercise.

This research involved mineral supplementation and exercise in mice. It has been found that the subject mice retained bone strength gains as long as they continue to have a mineral-supplemented diet.

According to David Kohn, a U-M professor in the schools of dentistry and engineering, the longer-term mineral-supplemented diet leads to not only increases in bone mass and strength but the ability to maintain those increases even after detraining.

It is important to realize that many previous studies have revealed a strong link between proper nutrition and increased protection of the bones. Today, more and more experts strongly recommend increasing the intake of food loaded with certain nutrients. 

“The data suggests the long-term consumption of the mineral-supplemented diet could be beneficial in preventing the loss of bone and strength with age, even if you don’t do exercise training,” he adds.

It is also worth noting that combining proper nutrition and exercise could produce remarkable benefits. 

This interesting study was published in PLOS ONE. 

Nutrients like vitamin D have long been reputed to work wonders in protecting the bones. It has been found to be vital for bone development, growth, and protection. It is important to be warned that having reduced levels of vitamin D increases the risk of osteoporosis, which is a bone-thinning disease. 

Sun exposure is one of the ways to obtain the bone-healing goodness of vitamin D. However, there are also foods rich in this nutrient, such as fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel. It is also wise to consume more beef liver, egg yolks, mushrooms, and cheese.

In the United States, some products are fortified with vitamin D like breakfast cereal, milk, and yogurt, orange juice, and soy drinks.

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