Research Shows Activated Charcoal Helps Counteract Toxins

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( — November 25, 2021) Orlando, FL — Over the years, researchers have been carrying out studies to investigate the effects of all-natural remedies like activated charcoal. 

Researchers from Duke University And the University of Wyoming discovered that ingesting charcoal works in counteracting the adverse effects of toxic substances in a diet. This research involved monkeys on the African island of Zanzibar. 

UW Professor David Cooney, a chemical engineer with extensive research on the medical uses of activated charcoal, tested samples collected in a study carried out by Duke scientist Thomas Struhsaker

Struhsaker observed the unusual habit of Zanzibar red colobus monkeys eating charcoal, and was familiar with Cooney’s research and with his recent book, “Activated Charcoal in Medical Applications.” 

He sent to Cooney the leaf samples of the main dietary source of the monkeys, Indian almonds as well as mango leaves, which are potentially toxic. Charcoal obtained from burned trees and lying near kilns were also sent.

The study looked into the adsorption ability of five charcoal from Zanzibar in hot water extracts steeped from the Indian almond and mango leaves. It is worth noting that adsorption pertains to the ability of substances, such as toxins, to adhere to the porous surface of the charcoal.

“For comparison, we also evaluated three commercial powdered activated charcoals,” he says. 

“As expected, these charcoals acted best, yet the African kiln charcoals adsorbed surprisingly well. The findings support the hypothesis that the monkeys eat charcoal to reduce the harmful compounds, which have the potential to be toxic or interfere with digestion.”

It was in 1995 when Cooney’s book, “Activated Charcoal in Medical Applications,” was published as a comprehensive reference of research on activated charcoal’s medical uses.

Activated charcoal is made by superheating natural sources of carbon, such as wood or coconut shells. The block powder has an extremely porous surface that traps toxins, preventing them from being absorbed in the stomach. Instead of wreaking havoc on health, toxins are eliminated via feces. 

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