Foreign Business Registration

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( — November 22, 2021) —

People are headed to new heights. Local businesses are a thing in the past now. Everyone wants to go global with their business. It is a great opportunity for a businessman to capture the new market. There are a lot of benefits to going global. You will get a lot of advantages because of the laws and restrictions on foreign countries. The restrictions are less in some countries than in others. This opens a lot of doors for more revenue. 

It is really hard to include every information on every country in this article so we will be going through Company Registration in Malaysia and Company Registration in Thailand. There are big opportunities in Malaysia and Thailand. 

Sdb Bhd Company Registration Malaysia

Malaysia has good growth in the economy. Furthermore, the government also encourages foreign investment. There are policies that help foreigners to register a business in Malaysia. The process of company registration in Malaysia will be in this article. 

If you wish to register SSM in Malaysia then you have to follow some steps and rules. You can use the online platform to register on the government website. How you can register SSM company in Malaysia is given below:

  1. Prepare Company Name

  2. Check availability of the name

  3. Complete “BORANG PNA 42” form to register a Company Trade Name

  4. Complete “BORANG A” form to register your company

  5. Submission of both forms to SSM Head Office


  1. Owner or partner must be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia

  2. Owner or partners must be aged 18 years and above

  3. Only owner and partner is allowed to submit an application

Company Registration in Thailand

Thailand has grown to be a profitable country recently. Company Registration in Thailand is increasing day by day. Facilities are given by the government help a lot for foreign investment. Company Registration Fee in Thailand is also affordable. With the right guidance and knowledge of the rules, you can easily register company in Thailand. We will discuss on How to Start A Business in Thailand. 

There are different business types. Thai Limited Company, Thai Partnership / Limited Thai Partnership, and Thai Representative Office or Branch Office. Chances are you will be registering a Thai Limited Company so we will go through this in-depth. 

Register a Thai Limited Company

Thai Limited Company is one of the best forms of business in Thailand. 3 shareholders are required. To register a company in Thailand a private limited company must hold a 51% share at least. 

Registration Process

  1. Search company name in the database

  2. Registering the chosen name

  3. Preparation and submission of Memorandum of Association

  4. Preparation and submission of Article of Association

  5. Statutory meeting fix

  6. Submission of necessary documents for company registration

  7. VAT or Tax registration


  1. Three Thai nominees minimum

  2. One director

  3. One auditor

  4. Memorandum of Association

  5. Statutory meeting

  6. Incorporation papers registration completion

  7. Obtain Income Tax Registration number


Foreign Business Registration might seem hard but with proper guidelines, you can register your business in no time. S & F Consulting Firm provides the best consulting for your business. We are experts in Registering Business in foreign countries. We provide guidance in all the steps. The increase in technology has made the process a lot easier than before. There are a lot of opportunities in a foreign country to do business.