How to Clean a Motorcycle Engine

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( — November 22, 2021) —

Ever wonder how to clean motorcycle engines? Motorcycle engines are similar to car engines in terms of their size and complexity, which means they have the same problems. Motorcycle engines are dirty for a reason, so it’s important to know how to clean motorcycle engines to maintain their life expectancy. This guide will show you what you need to know to properly clean your motorcycle engines for the best performance and how to wash a motorcycle.

Spray Out Dust with Compressed Air

Dust and dirt on the spark plugs and inside the cylinders can cause engine problems and keep you from getting the best performance out of your bike. Preventing this from happening is pretty simple, but not many people do it.

Cover Sensitive Parts

The first time you start cleaning your motorcycle engine you will probably feel overwhelmed. There are so many things to do! If you can take all that off your list and just focus on filling the air gaps around the carburetors, oil pan, etc.

Apply De-Greaser to Engine Area

You may think you know what de-greaser is, but you might not. As long as the name doesn’t sound like something your mother gave you as a child, you’re probably safe. If you’re not, don’t worry. De-greaser is a brand name for a substance used to clean and protect engine parts and other metal surfaces. De-greaser is also the name of a brand of these products, and if you read the label it will tell you what it contains and how to use it. It is often sold in a spray can that is sold in various sizes, and it is available in grocery and hardware stores.

Rinse Away De-Greaser 

Motorcycle engines can get so dirty, it would be nice if they could just go to the car wash. But because of the tight space between the cylinder head and the exhaust pipes, you can’t just simply fill up the tank and wash away the grime. When the bike is running, you can’t even pour soapy water down the exhaust pipe because the engine will overheat.

Scrub Hard to Clean Areas

Have you ever gotten back to your bike, only to notice that the dust on the bike’s engine had gotten caked onto the chrome exhaust pipes? This is fairly common when using a regular shop vacuum to clean your bike. To make sure you keep your bike looking its best, you need to follow these steps.

Dry Surface of Engine

Recently, I was riding my motorcycle home from work. I started the engine and ran the engine for about 30 seconds to warm up the engine. When I stopped at the gas station, I used my hand to wipe the cooling oil off the engine. After wiping the cooling oil off the engine, I tried to start the engine. The engine was not starting. I tried to start the engine for about three times. I thought the engine was not starting because the engine was not getting enough water to start the engine.

Apply Rubber Seal Protectant

Motorcycle engines and exhausts are often under a lot of stress, and this can really affect how well they perform and how long they last. When you remove the spark plugs and take the cylinder head off, you can see that oily combustion byproducts can quickly damage the engine, even if the oil level is correct.

Polish Chrome

The task of cleaning the engine is not as difficult as it might sound. Chrome is dirt that accumulates in engine cylinders, especially after years of use. The engine is fairly easy to access, so cleaning it is really just a matter of removing the spark plugs, oil dipstick, air cleaner, and chain tensioner. Once these are removed, you can use air pressure to blow out the cylinders.

Remove Plastic and Tape

Motorcycle engines are some of the dirtiest pieces of equipment you’ll ever have the pleasure of touching. Decades of oils, dirt, dust, and other muck build up over time. So, how do you get it all off? Not an easy question to answer, I’m sure. After all, what you use to clean your engine is important, too.

Final words

If you own a motorcycle, you know that it requires maintenance. This means that you need to clean your engine as often as possible to extend the life of your machine. However, many motorcyclists don’t realize that their engine can also benefit from cleaning.

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How to Degrease a Motorcycle Engine

Yes, you can degrease a motorcycle engine. The best thing about these engines is that once you have removed the major dirt and grime, the rest of the job is fairly easy. The first step is to start with a clean engine. After removing the spark plugs, remove all remaining parts of the engine, including the air filter, carburetor, exhaust system, and fuel tank. Once all these parts are removed, you are ready to begin.

Using this simple how to guide you can clean up your engine

  1. Blow Out Dirt and Dust
  2. Cover Electronic Parts
  3. Spray on Degreasing Agent
  4. First Rinse
  5. Apply More Degreaser
  6. Scrub Away Dirt and Grime
  7. Rinse and Dry the Engine
  8. Treat Rubber Parts
  9. Clean Up the Chrome
  10. Take Off Plastic