4 Best Ways to Rank Your Local SEO Business in Google

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Improving local SEO is one of the effective ways for small businesses that work on a regional basis. On the other hand, national SEO targets the audience across the country. If you search for a place or business near your location, you will get the local results on Google. Having Local SEO business listings significantly impacts your search engine visibility because it makes it easier for people to find your services online. 


According to a statistical study, over 70% of consumers search for local services on Google. For example, if you search “Coffee shop near me,” you will get the list of all coffee shops in your area. To be more precise, you can use Google Maps by turning on your location. 

Local SEO checklist makes it easier for you to target your audience because you do not have to deal with an audience on a large scale. Since this approach is more relevant to your local customers, you can achieve better conversions and leads. It also helps you gain an edge over more prominent brands that usually target broader keywords. 

Let’s find out some ways to rank your local SEO business efficiently in Google without further ado. 


Target Local Keywords


Content is one of the most crucial parts when you are working on your SEO. But more important is that your efforts are channelized in the right direction. To improve your local SEO business, you need to target local keywords as per your business and niche efficiently. 


Whenever a consumer searches for any particular product or service on Google, they get the list of local businesses. For example, if you type “catering services,” Google will show you the catering services near your location. So, it is essential to create content with local intent. 


While creating content, you must incorporate keywords in meta tags to boost SEO results. You may also consider focusing on the long-tail keywords to maintain a balance on your website. For example, if you offer digital marketing services including SEO and are based in Houston, you can include “Local SEO Houston.” While creating a blog post, you can tweak it a little bit and make it “Best SEO firms in Houston.” So, that is how you have to play it smartly to utilize local keywords. 


Focus on Google My Business Account


It is crucial to optimize your business profile in Google listing to improve your rankings on Google maps and overall search engine performance. But to properly optimize your business profile, you need to create the Google My Business account linked to that profile. After providing all the requested information in your Google My Business account dashboard. All your credentials will appear on your business profile on every Google search, whether Google Maps or Google search knowledge panel. 


You have to provide accurate and updated information about your business while creating your Google my business account. Add your company’s logo, payment methods, and all products and services you offer. Also, respond regularly to customer reviews as it will help you build credibility among your target audience. 


You may also optimize significant keywords in your business profile as per your products and services. Again, if you offer SEO services in Houston, you may add keywords like “Local SEO Services” to positively impact your SERPs. 


Make Website Mobile Friendly 


You may already know that mobile devices are used more as compared to desktops. The reason is simple because it provinces your convenience as you can access your online accounts from anywhere and anytime. 


According to a statistical study, around 82% of shoppers use mobile phones to search nearby stores. This statistic shows the significance of a mobile-friendly business website that is crucial for all businesses to survive in today’s digital era. 


You have to ensure that your website is easy to navigate for mobile visitors and every single piece of information is on your site. It also makes a significant impact on your SEO and helps you gain an edge over your competitors. 


You can also consider adding the call to action buttons on your GMB listing and website, as it will divert customers directly to your website who are using mobile devices. 


Consider Link Building Locally


By linking domain quantity and authority locally, you can uplift your local organic rankings. It is one of the effective methods when you are dealing with a local business. Most of the local companies are connected with other companies in their local area. 

To start link building locally, you can approach people that you know already. It could be suppliers, contractors, distributors, or wholesalers. Once you have chosen the company to exchange links, you can view their website to analyze where your link will fit in. 


To level up your link-building game, you can also sponsor the local events if you have a sufficient budget to invest. Most of the local events require sponsors. If you can sponsor any local event, it will help you build strong connections with other companies, as you would love to have your link placed on the event’s website. You do not necessarily have to show your support in the form of cash. 


For example, if you offer catering services, you can prepare custom food boxes for their event. Or, if you offer printing services, you can print out their event brochures. So, that is how you can invest in sponsoring local events. 


Building local PR is another effective way to establish strong link building. You can approach the local newspaper to cover the event if you are sponsoring an event as they are always hungry for new stories. You need to inform the newspapers some days before the event. You can also provide them with a bit of background before the event happens. 



For small businesses, it is essential to work with the right approach to achieve their desired results. Local SEO is the key to success for small businesses as it can help accomplish their business goals in the meantime. You need to have the right intent by keeping in mind crucial Local SEO business factors. 


From creating a mobile-friendly website to targeting the local keywords, you should be aware of every aspect that can help you outsmart your competitors. Building good connections with other local companies is also essential as it will help you keep your business on the right track.