Top Reasons Why Concrete Should Be A Part Of Every Home Renovation Project

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( — November 23, 2021) —

Some of the prominent reasons that it is an obvious choice for home contactors are its strength, reflectivity, versatility, and durability. 

Such core properties of concrete make it a sturdy and long-lasting option not only for domestic but also for commercial settings. 

In fact, according to the industry professionals at, the experts have been mastering the art of concrete grinding and polishing in order to provide utmost satisfaction to the homeowners out there, wishing to make a better choice for their homes. 

Read on to know more about why concrete should be a part of every home renovation project. Some of them will definitely wow you. 

  • Minimal carbon footprint

You should be familiar with the fact that concrete’s unrivaled strength, energy productivity, and complete recyclability, joined with industry advancements.

Presently, another review by the famous International Institute for Sustainable Development tracks down that up to 72% of the fossil fuel byproducts from wood items may right now be overlooked from wood LCAs and that when these discharges are considered, cement’s typified carbon impression could be up to 6% less concentrated than that of wood items.

  • Helps in creating energy-efficient homes

With global warming on the rise and climate in danger, taking up energy-efficient practices is definitely the need of an hour. And bringing in concrete into your home renovation project can easily help you with that. 

Believe it or not, the high thermal mass that is produced by tightly sealed concrete walls is one of the best ways to add insulation to your home. This, in turn, helps in preventing drafting and is actually a successful method to transform your home into an energy-efficient one. 

Professionals confirm that concrete actually ends up slowing the heat movement, which helps in avoiding or limiting air leakage. 

This will not only help you create an energy-efficient home but will also make sure that your utility bills are in control. 

  • Helps in resisting the unwanted stuff

Concrete domestic production gives an upper hand over timber and steel. Concrete partitions do now no longer rot while uncovered to moisture through wind-pushed rain, diffusion, or airflow. Unlike steel, concrete now no longer rust while uncovered to moisture. Concrete partitions withstand termites. Unfortunately, termites can wreck timber homes and cause lots of bucks in repairs.

But you won’t have to worry about dealing with any of that after bringing concrete into your home repair and renovation project. 

  • Helps you limit the maintenance part

Concrete production creates low-upkeep houses with wall structures that preserve their form and integrity for decades. The outdoors of a concrete wall extra efficiently resists harm from wind and heavy rains then a timber-body wall. 

Typical facades for a concrete wall consist of stucco, brick, or a concrete texture product – none of that merchandise requires painting. A stable and strong outdoors concrete wall won’t dent and consequently resists harm from hail and flying debris.

  • Helps in creating earthquake-resistant homes

Homes that are constructed with steel-bolstered concrete partitions offer the stiffness, power, and ductility to resist the damaging forces of earthquakes. Reinforced concrete partitions face up to the compression and tensile forces produced through an earthquake. An examination at Construction Technology Laboratories (CTL) discovered that a gently bolstered concrete shear wall has over six instances of the racking load resistance of a wood-framed wall.

Unfortunately, whilst the flexibility (ductility) of a wood body presents a little safety at some stage in an earthquake, it no longer offers sufficient power to hold the relationship among the inspiration and partitions secure.

In addition, concrete production produces houses that could arise from the extreme winds of a storm or tornado. In fact, researchers have discovered that the power of concrete partitions can resist 250-mile-an-hour winds and flying debris. Woah! That’s really great. 

In the end, 

Adding concrete to your home renovation projects could be one of the decisions you’ll ever make for your home sweet home. And now that you know all about the advantages concrete can bring to your home renovation projects, what else are you waiting for?