Common Myths Debunked by Concrete Companies That Every Homeowner Needs to Know

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( — December 1, 2021) –Where granite, marble, and sandstone have been quite famous since the 1990s, concrete has been another surface that almost all the concrete companies in Calgary have considered highly favorable. As a result, the construction specialists and even the homeowners themselves are also now preferring decorative and decent concrete inside their homes, even in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Did you know that concrete slabs are as popular as marble or quartz? Rest depends on your design aesthetic, and concrete can apply to various decor and space styles, nimbly complimenting function with easy to clean durability and stunning beauty. 

Apart from the features and benefits that one can expect from concrete, we have shared a few common myths that people have about concrete installations. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

Myth 1: Concrete Slabs Cost More 

When it comes to concrete countertops, many of you might expect the finished project to cost much less. The reason is that it may influence you because concrete is expensive compared to granite, marble, or quartz. In simple terms, this can set up a confusing experience about the price quotations. 

In fact, the reality is that concrete counters demand handcrafted by skilled artisans as per the particular color, design, and finish needs. Now, this simply states that the labor cost makes a huge difference. While materials cost much less than other surfaces, the labor costs more. Technically, concrete also comes at the same price range. Just because they are customizable and stylish, they aren’t always as expensive as you might imagine. They decently increase the value of your home, giving back an excellent return on investment.

Myth 2: Concrete Catches Stains Easily

As mentioned many times, concrete is functional and highly durable for both bathrooms and kitchens. However, still, few people panic about its vulnerability to stains and spots. We have to mention that this is no different than surfaces like marble and quartz, both well known for catching stains. 

In actuality, stain prevention on concrete slabs is a matter of simple upkeep. Many concrete contractors in Calgary share that applying wax and sealer can significantly help in preventing staining. Also, it is pretty important to clean spills the moment you see them, just like you take care of other decorative surfaces. 

Myth 3: Concrete is Easy to Install 

When deciding about concrete patios and freeways, make sure that the finish and design choices make a big difference. As so much time and skill is required to implement your preferences on a plain concrete slab, make sure you choose to design and finish with absolute attention to detail. The surfaces take some time to cast and cure. 

Hold on! You don’t have to take this as a disadvantage as concrete gives you a wide range of customization options. Rest, the final results speak for themselves, and you will have something spectacular and unique for your home. 

Got any questions? It is always a perfect idea to locate reliable concrete companies in Calgary or nearby your area to understand what suits your budget and requirements the best. After all, achieving perfection in cement work is not easy; you definitely need a master for that!