A Published Study Reveals How Exercise Lessens Belly Fat

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(Newswire.net — December 21, 2021) Orlando, FL — The scientific community continues to carry out studies investigating the impacts of exercise on overall health. Engaging in physical activities has long been linked with weight management.

A study was carried out and published in the Cell Metabolism journal. 

In this research, it has been found that a certain signaling molecule known as interleukin-6 plays a significant role in this process. It is worth mentioning that a 12-week intervention involving bicycle exercise reduced visceral abdominal fat in obese adults. 

Interestingly, this impact was abolished in subjects who received a certain pharmaceutical drug that works in blocking interleukin-6 signaling. Further, it is approved currently for rheumatoid arthritis treatment. 

It is worth noting that such treatment increased levels of cholesterol regardless of physical activity. 

“The take-home for the general audience is ‘do exercise,'” says first author Anne-Sophie Wedell-Neergaard of the University of Copenhagen. 

“We all know that exercise promotes better health, and now we also know that regular exercise training reduces abdominal fat mass and thereby potentially also the risk of developing cardio-metabolic diseases,” she added.

Scientists reveal the link between abdominal fat and the increased risk of cardio-metabolic disease as well as cancer, dementia, and all-cause mortality. They further reveal that physical activity lessens visceral fat tissue, which surrounds internal organs in the abdominal cavity.

Some researchers suggest that a certain “fight-or-flight” hormone called epinephrine works in mediating this effect. 

However, Wedell-Neergaard and co-senior study author Helga Ellingsgaard of the University of Copenhagen theorized that interleukin-6 could also play an essential role. This is due to the fact that it regulates energy metabolism as well as stimulates the breakdown of fats in healthy people.

Further, it is also released from skeletal muscle during exercise.

Today, researchers are increasingly investigating ways to help people manage a healthy weight. Exercise done regularly is undeniably one of the most important steps to ward off diseases associated with obesity.

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