Health Authorities Now Warn Against the Real Risks of Antidepressants

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( — December 22, 2021) Orlando, FL — Antidepressants are widely used nowadays, especially since there is an increasing prevalence of depression. 

According to psychiatrists, there are many types of antidepressants widely prescribed by mental health care professionals. Their uses expand from anxiety to depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and many other psychiatric conditions.

While they are considered generally safe, it is worth noting that their use is also linked with certain risks. 

Multiple reports reveal that in some people, certain antidepressants produce side effects like headaches, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, skin rashes, stomach upset, nausea, or diarrhea.

There are also other side effects, such as reduced sexual desire, appetite, performance, or satisfaction. However, these four side effects may happen all at once. In women, some antidepressants produce a delay or prevention of orgasm while they inhibit ejaculation in men.

Doctors say that reducing the dose of these antidepressants may help decrease the side effects, but their efficiency in fighting depression may also be affected. 

It is, more importantly, worth noting that certain antidepressants may also increase the risk of violence and suicide. 

Today, more and more researchers are looking into some all-natural ways to combat depression. One of the most proven techniques is to use magnesium, which is a macromineral found to play a significant role in brain function and mood.

It is worth realizing that reduced levels of this macromineral have been associated with the heightened risk of depression. 

There are actually many researchers who are carrying out studies to explore what magnesium can offer, especially for brain health. A deficiency in this nutrient has even been associated with various undesirable health consequences. 

An analysis involving more than 8,800 individuals has shown that the lowest consumption of magnesium increased the risk of depression by 22 percent. 

Experts say that unfortunately today, modern food has low magnesium content. This may be responsible for the increasing prevalence of depression and mental illness.

It is worth realizing that more studies are still being carried out to explore the depression-fighting effects of magnesium deeper. However, its use is one that many experts strongly recommend as it is needed by the body for various purposes.

Studies have even shown that magnesium plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic reactions inside the body. It is not only best to consume foods with magnesium but also to ensure that it is efficiently delivered inside the body.

A supplement like Divine Bounty Magnesium Citrate may work wonders in providing consumers with adequate amounts of this mineral. 

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