Top 5 Cryptos That Are Competing With Cardano in 2022

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( — February 7, 2022) — There are numerous cryptocurrencies other than Cardano that you can invest in this year. Some of them are such that their prices are higher than Cardano, showing the huge potential of these cryptos. Cardano is a good investment, but other investments seem to be better or a replacement for Cardano. The Cardano price is one of the main reasons several investors chose Cardano over some of these cryptos. Some of them are such that they have high returns on investments, and they are already being bullish. Here are some of them and why you should invest in them in 2022.


Solana is regarded as one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the crypto community because of its capacity to solve the problems of scalability. Solana network has the capacity to process about 65,000 transactions per secs, making it one of the fastest blockchains in the crypto community. The Solana blockchain is being improved upon, such that the main net and the PoH protocol will have even more capacity to run higher transactions. The upgrade on the Solana network is such that it would increase its capacity to run faster and secure transactions. Also, Solana is also planning on increasing its token utility, making it excellent crypto to compete with Cardano. 


Here is another exciting crypto that could compete with Cardano in 2022. The avalanche network is such that it provides developers with the ability to run cheaper and faster DApps projects. This being said, it is worthy to note that this crypto is on the ERC network with one of the fastest smart contracts. The smart contract on this network is so fast that it has been solely responsible for its growth since its launch in 2020. Currently, there are over 400 projects on its network, and more are being added. One of the recent upgrades coming up on the avalanche mainnet is to improve its security, speed, and cost, making it more user-friendly. Once this is implemented, more users would be willing to invest in the avalanche network, hence increasing growth. 


You are probably seeing this for the first time, but do you know a token’s utility is one of the core features most crypto investors look out for in crypto? The developers of this crypto are such that they have the token utility of this project to last for a lifetime. This is possible because centcex lab is one of those labs that would be developing an unlimited number of products, meaning every DApps project would need its ecosystem to generate revenues. Currently, Centcex staking is giving 100% of revenue generated by its products. Although centcex exchange is under development, it will be launching very soon, which is another reason you should invest in it before the exchange launch. 


If you are looking for one of the best substitutes for Cardano, you should probably be choosing Bitgert. The type of product the Bitgert network will be launching and developing is such that it would be revolutionizing the concept of DeFi and, if possible, replacing DeFi. So, if there’s any network that has taken up the responsibility to create projects/ecosystems that can compete with DeFi the same way Cardano is competing with Ethereum, it’s Bitgert. The network is creating a peer-to-peer payment system that would run mainly on its network. One of the most exciting facts about this crypto is that the network is working towards a zero-gas fee network. Since there are no such blockchains in the entire crypto community, Bitgert has set to be the first of its kind, making it one of those cryptos that would enjoy speedy growth if it can achieve this fit. However, it’s advisable to hold some amount in your wallet before it does. 


The Pancakeswap token has been one of the most exciting cryptos to watch since 2020. The main reason behind this is because of the project’s features. Besides having an exchange and being one of the most preferred when launching a new project, the Pancakeswap network has been working tirelessly on the token’s utility. The increase in demand for pancakes was tokens is one of the reasons why CAKE has been increasing lately. The introduction of lottery and NFT for CAKE holders is one of the incentives the pancake team has incorporated into the network. So, the holder can purchase lottery tickets with CAKE, and the winners are rewarded in either NFTs or CAKE, which are tradable. You could also choose to hold them in your wallet if you believe it can increase. Either way, CAKE is one of Cardano’s close substitutes.