How to Stop a Social Media Addiction?

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( — February 7, 2022) — An addiction always builds up. In the case of social media, this means that you are increasingly involved with the social channels. The urge not to miss anything on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp becomes so great that you can no longer bring yourself to stop using these channels. This is a relatively new addiction, but it is remarkable that social media addiction is not yet listed in the DSM (diagnosis manual for psychologists). However, on the internet, you can find a lot of information about social media addiction. Below are for example a few tips to help you stop being addicted!

Buy an alarm clock

Everyone uses the alarm clock function on their mobile these days. You then see your smartphone before you go to sleep and the first thing when you wake up again. That is of course a big disadvantage. The temptation is great to check your social media apps after your alarm. Before you know it, you are endlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook again, with all the negative consequences that entail. In fact, try to keep your phone out of your bedroom altogether. An alarm clock takes away the temptation to use your phone again in the morning!

Deactivate apps and accounts

The rise of social platforms makes it tempting to create an account everywhere. The more accounts you have, the more information there is to view. Reduce the mountain of information by removing a number of apps from your smartphone. If this does not work, it is better to deactivate your social accounts or delete them yourself. Try it for a week if necessary, and see if you really missed something. There is a big chance you will experience that you did not really miss anything by deleting Twitter for a week for example. 

Make agreements with yourself

Make sure you have rules on paper for yourself when it comes to social media or smartphone use. Less on social media is a good goal, but that is not concrete enough. Determine for yourself that you can only check your phone or computer at certain times of the day, and set a time limit. Reinforce these rules by letting other people know about these rules. This way your friends and family can support you when you try to stop your social media addiction. Rewarding yourself for maintaining the agreements could be a good incentive too! 

Try to be offline during the weekend

Show yourself during the weekend that life without social media can also be nice. Also try to be offline when you go away for a weekend with your partner, friends, or family. A book or a good conversation can make you realize what life is worth without your phone. Suddenly you have much more time for things that really give you energy, and that inspire you. This can give you a boost to significantly reduce your phone usage, which will certainly help stop your social media addiction.