Mounting Evidence Points to Curcumin’s Sleep-Promoting, Immunity-Boosting Benefits

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( — March 2, 2022) Orlando, FL — One of the widely researched health issues today is insomnia. It is worth noting that in various research studies, this sleep disorder is found to increase the odds of certain diseases. 

There are factors found to contribute to the development of this health issue, and one is genetic predisposition. 

A study was carried out in 2007 and it was published in the Sleep journal. 

The researchers have shown that out of 953 adults saying they were good sleepers, around 35 percent with insomnia had a family history of the sleep health issue. There are actually many research studies highlighting the risk factors of insomnia. 

Another one, which was carried out in 2008, has shown that teens with parents who are sufferers of insomnia have the increased need to turn to prescribed sleeping pills, and have mental problems.

There are sleep-enhancing and immunity-boosting all-natural remedies experts are researching nowadays. Plant-based remedies like curcumin are included in this list. Curcumin is a group of compounds that can be found in the deep yellow-orange spice called Turmeric. 

This Ayurvedic spice is also called Indian Saffron and has long been used for thousands of years due to its strong medicinal potential. Aside from producing sleep health benefits, it could also work wonders in boosting the body’s defenses. 

It is worth noting that the human body reacts to various factors causing innate immune cells to activate excessively. It is worth noting that when hyper-activation occurs, it leads to the overproduction of acute-phase proteins, which can be damaging to our health. 

Further, chronic activation of these proteins may lead to the suppression of antiviral defenses. In some human studies, it has been found that supplementation of curcumin has reduced blood levels of various acute-phase proteins.

The study findings suggest that this phytochemical works in normalizing some parts of the immune system with the tendency to be overactive. There are actually other mechanisms curcumin has been found beneficial for immunity. It may even work wonders in protecting and improving gut health. 

In a study, researchers treated the subjects with turmeric or placebo for eight weeks. It has been found that groups treated with curcumin and turmeric achieved increases in some types of good gut bacterial species.

Another way curcumin works in benefiting the body’s defenses is its ability to combat stress, which has long been found detrimental to immunity. There are actually many health benefits linked with the use of this remedy. 

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