5 Things to Know Before Applying for Cat Exam 2022

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(Newswire.net — February 23, 2022) –It is always good to know all the dos and don’ts about anything that you are going to commit yourself to. Talking about the CAT exam, every applicant of the exam must be aware of the format and pattern of the exam. Here are a few things you should know.

Application Based Questions

The very first thing you should know about the CAT exam before you apply for it is the type of questions. The Common Admission Test is a test of aptitude. Most of the questions in CAT are designed in a manner that applicants’ linking skills can be checked. The admission committee tends to know how well an applicant can link his knowledge and problem in hand. It is definitely not a test of memorising formulas or answering technical questions but more of practical questions. After you join a CAT coaching institute, you will see its faculty members trying to build a strong base of fundamental concepts in you. This is done to help you think, process the information and then answer the questions.

Make a Wise Choice

Next thing to know before participating in CAT (Common Admission Test) is making a wise choice between optional questions in the exam. As you sit for the exam, you must make sure that you select the questions you want to solve wisely. Do not try to attempt questions that you are not sure about. The CAT exam is not about taking a chance to sample your IQ. It is rather the only exam that can land you in your dream B-school. Choose safe questions that you are completely sure about. Remember every wrong answer will affect your score as well as your percentile.

Test of Accuracy

Accuracy has a major role to play in determining your percentile for the CAT exam. As mentioned above, never go for questions that you can not answer. Be specific about your choice of questions as this is the test of accuracy. Many a times it is seen that applicants who solve more questions with higher errors end up scoring less marks whereas the students who attempted less questions but mostly correct, get higher marks. The CAT coaching classes are the saviors here. You get a complete idea about the test through the guidance of experienced teachers at coaching classes.

Dynamic Marking System

The CAT exam has a dynamic marking system. Not just your answers but many other factors affect your overall percentile in CAT. There are some questions that are scaled on the basis of difficulty level, applicants attempting it and getting the answers right. As it is a test of accuracy, your answers are of great importance. Please note that the CAT exam also has negative markings for incorrect answers. Though it is not applicable on the non MCQs. It is worth finding the best classes for the CAT exam so that you practice all the dos and don’ts properly.

Do Not Skimp On Mock Tests

Mock tests are half of your CAT preparation. Never rely on them completely for your preparation. There are students who avoid CAT coaching classes and stick to self study. The idea of self study is only good if you are aware of every detail about the test. Mock tests can never do the needful. You have to prepare the full-length questions and sectional tests as much as possible. At the coaching institutes you prepare everything from short questions to theoretical ones.

Above mentioned points are very crucial and must be known by all CAT aspirants. With the right appertain and dedication, anyone can crack the CAT exam.

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