Maldives–The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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( — March 2, 2022) –A honeymoon is the most memorable and cherished vacation that you will ever take in your married life. Yes, there will be other good times but usually, the honeymoon destination is enjoyed and treasured more than the vacation trips that are taken afterward. When it was time to select my honeymoon destination, I didn’t have to think twice. The Maldives was the obvious choice. Why? Well, ever since my university ended, I had somewhat become a travel freak. I had always postponed the trip to the Maldives. The beauty of Maldives is well known across the world and I wanted to experience it all with my better half. The Maldives Island is said to be a heaven on earth and I don’t think I can argue with that. If you want to know more places visit our website You could find here places as your firm. 

Paradise Island Resort

This five-star resort is a must-visit place in the Maldives. Located approximately nine kilometers away from the Male International airport, the place is usually the first stop for honeymooners and vacationers. It has in store lots of fun and excitement.

The National Museum

The National Museum has an interesting collection of historical artifacts that hold all visitors in awe. The place may not be as glamorous as other popular museums of the world, but it sure displays quality objects.

Sun Island Beach

To sit and relax within stunning surroundings, visit sun Island Beach where you can indulge in super fun activities. You can take a cruise, go jet skiing, windsurf or ride a canoe. The scenery around will leave you mesmerized and you are bound to fall in love with this scenic area.

Swimming Time

To swim in the waters, visit the southern side of Male Island. Here an artificial pool has been made for tourists and locals.

Malé Friday Mosque

Visiting the Friday Mosque is a very unique experience. It was built on the foundations of a temple and was made out of coral stone back in 1658 AD. It is the oldest mosque on the island and it is a source of fascination for all tourists.

Relaxing time

Having a massage at the spa is quite fun and not at all a waste of time as some say. The Thai women on the island have special skills and all the fatigue simply vanishes on the first touch.

Bathala Island

Everyone takes a camera to the Maldives, but in all honesty, the true beauty cannot really be captured. Pictures never do justice. Bathala is another such place that looks amazing in pictures but is in fact 10 times more gorgeous if you look at it in real life. This is a completely natural island. Snorkeling in the water and seeing all those cute fishes is very exciting.

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