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What is Inclusivity?

Inclusivity is fostered within a business environment when a business makes a conscious effort to actively seek, hire and support people of any race, gender, age, background, religion, culture, and ability. Actively seeking people from all walks of life, and supporting these people within a business, brings about a more diverse outlook, with each person bringing a different perspective, different experiences, a different background, and opinions to the table.

This inclusiveness fosters a sense of teamwork, increases problems solving skills and it generates growth and development.

Franchising Fosters Inclusion

“The franchise business model is one of inclusion in itself,” says Derek Cafferata, President and CEO of franchise experts All State Franchise Finders. “Franchising offers greater access to owning your own business over a start-up for all people, including minority groups.”

Franchising removes a significant amount of risk that is usually associated with a start-up business. Instead, you gain the benefits of someone else’s knowledge, experience, education, and management when you step into a franchise business that is already established with a proven track record of success.

Not only does this reduce the risks associated with starting up, but it also opens up access to funding for those minority groups who have traditionally found it a struggle to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Almost one-third of all franchises in the United States are owned by minority groups, compared to approximately 18 percent of non-franchise businesses. Over the past 15 years, minority franchise ownership has increased by 50 percent. While these statistics are encouraging,

Derek believes there is still a long way to go to foster inclusion in a stronger way within the franchise world.

“Fortunately, there are some excellent programs designed to offer the training and ongoing support franchisors and franchisees need in order to foster inclusivity in a genuine and productive way.”

The International Franchise Association (IFA) has established a Diversity Institute designed to specifically assist franchise members in increasing diversity and inclusion within every level of business, from entry-level to the boardroom.

The Benefits of Inclusion in Franchising

Inclusion in franchising, or any business, fosters teamwork and generates growth within a business. It also increases connection with customers and the wider community. When employees feel supported, valued, and respected, they are more engaged with colleagues, management, and customers.

Financial performance, decision making, problem-solving and staff engagement are just some of the benefits of focussing on inclusion within a franchise business.

One of the most interesting benefits Derek Cafferata sees with franchises he works with that place a strong focus on inclusion and diversity is creating connections with the local community.

“A franchise that connects with, and understands, the local community has an advantage over the competition,” says Derek. “A business that places emphasis on genuine inclusion will inevitably reflect their local community.”

This is something Derek believes a franchisee should never underestimate the power and potential of.

Inclusion is More than Just a Buzz Word

Derek Cafferata is quick to point out that inclusion is a belief, it is more than just a buzzword. Introducing the concept of inclusion into the workplace and fostering an environment that supports and encourages inclusion in practical ways requires intention, strategy, and commitment.

Derek leads a team of award-winning franchise experts at All State Franchise Finders. His team brings with them experience and knowledge of the franchising and business industry, which is why so many entrepreneurs, franchisors, and business owners seek the advice of All-State Franchise Finders.

For any advice, be sure to contact ALLSTATEFF.COM at 1-800-544-2161 or visit today. ALLSTATEFF.COM is your award-winning franchise expert.

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