Check Out the Newest Blockchain K-pop Game: SeoulStars

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( — April 25, 2022) –If you’ve been part of the ever-growing world of crypto gaming it can feel as if you’ve seen everything, played everything, and experienced everything. Sure, you didn’t literally play every game ever released, but with differences sometimes being so minimal that you barely notice them it can be said that you’ve tried it all. This is where the latest and greatest NFT game comes into play, SeoulStars. 

K-pop, NFTs, and gaming might seem like a peculiar trio but the more you get into it the more you’re glad somebody thought of combining them as they really do mesh together quite well. If the premise itself isn’t enough to grab you then the following features we’ll cover certainly will.

About the game

SeoulStars is an NFT game in terms of its functionality and systems, such as needing an NFT to play, having true ownership, and allowing easy trading, buying, and selling of in-game items. Mechanically and gameplay-wise it’s a rhythm game. Taking inspiration from games like Guitar Hero it relies on you inputting buttons based on the music and on-screen prompts. A simple concept, but one that allows for a lot of creativity and an excellent gameplay loop.

The community of the game is welcoming and thick as thieves, as is expected of the K-pop community and this is another reason why the game feels so rewarding aside from the gameplay loop and rewards themselves. There are many reasons to like the game that doesn’t involve the gameplay itself, although that is the main draw of course. The nice community, good music, interesting NFTs, and general uniqueness are all major factors as to why we think the game is worth playing.

What are the gameplay rewards?

As with any NFT game, a big part of their appeal is the fact that you get rewarded for playing them, and the rewards have financial value. This is perhaps the biggest draw these games have to the average person as being able to make money off of a hobby, especially gaming, is an incredible proposition that very few would say no to if they knew it was a realistic option.

The main reward you can get is an SSTAR Token / Coin or multiple. These, as with any other NFT game token/coin can be used for trading or buying things within the game, or they can be sold. These tokens are rewarded for most of the things you do in the game and thus if you play the game often and well enough you can have a decent payoff from playing it.

The Yuna NFTs that you need to purchase to even play the game also have a pretty high value. This means that the entry cost is high, but that you can profit quite a bit over time, more than some other games. It’s also nice to know that even without selling them they’re quite unique as the avatar depicted has her own concerts and albums which is incredible.


SeoulStars is an incredible NFT game and it has certainly raised the bar for what a blockchain game should be like moving forward. It can be difficult to play it and then go back to some other games which aren’t as unique or are lacking some of the most interesting features SeoulStars has which just goes to show how good the game is and how satisfying the gameplay is. If you do decide to try it out we hope that you will not only be able to enjoy the game but also earn some cash.