A Simple Guide to Quitting Smoking

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(Newswire.net — April 25, 2022) — Quitting is really tough whether you are a chain-smoker or an occasional smoker. Intaking tobacco is a physical addiction, the nicotine that is present in cigarettes provides temporary relief in your mind but is highly addictive. Nicotine makes you feel good and that leaves an everlasting urge inside of you making you proactive towards usage of cigarettes and automatically you turn to smoke as a relaxing option.

Initially, you can make plans that serve as an alternative to traditional smoking, you can get an e cigarette starter kit for yourself and feed your nicotine cravings, this would help you in curbing your urges momentarily. Eventually, you can figure out some good quitting plans that help in short-term and well as long-term smoking collapse. 

Ask Questions to Yourself

You need to introspect for some time and focus on questions like why do you get that urge to smoke, can you distract yourself, why do you call for a cigarette and not chocolate, and so on. This will help you to analyze certain things, and then accordingly plan out the tips, therapies, and techniques that suit you the best. Some examples of question set for you can be:

Are you a social smoker? Can you let that urge pass or do you need that piece of cigarette desperately?

Do you sense the need to smoke after a meal or smoke in a particular space? Have you associated your smoking habit with any activity or with someplace?

Has smoking been a distraction to your anxiety or depressed state of mind? Do you smoke when you feel stressed or low?

Trigger Signals

There are some warning signals associated with smoking, you need to keep them in mind and avoid these signals to trigger.

Alcohol is something that smokers switch to when they smoke or the scenario can be vice-versa. Try to switch to non-alcoholic drinks or try e-cigarettes, you can buy e-cigarette liquid at mr joy co uk, this works as an alternative, you can also snack on nuts or take a cocktail to reduce your alcoholic urge.

Try to avoid other smokers, they are just icing on your cake. Even when you try to avoid smoking urges, they get inside your head and bring that passionate side of smoking to the front. So, start engaging with people who are non-smokers and can guide you well through this.

Notice your Withdrawal Symptoms

Cope up with your nicotine and tobacco cravings, you might experience plenty of physical and emotional changes in your body when you stop smoking, but take it as a positive sign and track the withdrawal symptoms. Some of these systems can be irritation, anger, cigarette cravings, restlessness, lost appetite, insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, tremors, and many more. Track them down and show them to your therapist.

Final Words

Smoking has now been ingrained as a regular ritual which is dangerous in the long run and is expected to convert into a never stopping addiction if you don’t stop at the right time. Some smokers plan to keep themselves on a controllable track while others completely go off the track and become submissive, this can be controlled by adopting simple techniques or methods, that are listed in the article.