Experts Now Suggest Male Hormones Have a Role in Asthma

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( — May 26, 2022) Orlando, FL — For many people with asthma, life can be a struggle. This condition causes narrowing of the airways and swelling too. It often leads to symptoms like wheezing, trouble breathing, tightness in the chest, and coughing.

Health authorities have long warned that asthma can be deadly. It is the top chronic disease in children and is more common in boys than girls.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that 1 in 13 individuals have asthma. Over 25 million people in the U.S. have the condition. 

It is important to realize that this condition has no known cure yet, but there are ways to prevent and treat asthma attacks.

Many researchers have investigated this condition to help sufferers. In a study, it has been found that testosterone plays a role in inducing asthma. This has been shown in a study carried out using mouse models of asthma.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers suggest that the hormone testosterone played a key role in inducing rather than suppressing allergic lung inflammation.

While more studies are still being carried out to explore asthma deeper, it is important to realize that today, there are many who are in a life-threatening situation due to this ailment.

In reducing the symptoms of asthma, it is recommended to take into account the use of an essential trace mineral called selenium. This has been found to be due to its ability to reduce inflammation inside the body.

It is worth realizing that this condition called asthma has long been linked with increased levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. Since selenium could decrease inflammation in the body, it may also reduce asthma-related symptoms.

Research has even suggested that individuals suffering from asthma tend to have reduced blood levels of selenium. 

In a study, it has been shown that individuals with asthma with higher levels of blood selenium had better lung function compared to those with lower levels. 

There have been quite a number of studies revealing how selenium is beneficial against asthma. Today, it is even widely used via supplementation.

According to a study, treatment of 200 mcg of selenium per day reduced the need to use corticosteroid medications in asthma patients. This means that these trace minerals have worked wonders in helping sufferers control their symptoms.

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