Sleep Deprivation Is a Threat to Immunity, Experts Warn

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( — July 5, 2022) Orlando, FL — Multiple research studies carried out in the past have shown the relevance of maintaining adequate sleep. Experts say it has been particularly linked with immune system health. 

According to studies, individuals who fail to get quality or adequate sleep are more susceptible to getting sick following exposure to a virus, such as a common cold virus. 

Further, experts warn lack of sleep has an impact on one’s ability to recover after getting sick. 

It is worth mentioning that during sleep, the immune system tends to release cytokines. There are certain types of these proteins that work in promoting sleep. There are also those that should be at high levels when the body undergoes an infection or inflammation.  

Deprivation of sleep may also reduce the production of these protective cytokines. Not getting adequate sleep can also lead to the reduction of infection-fighting antibodies and cells.

Health authorities strongly recommend resorting to some measures to protect immunity. This could be significantly helpful in warding off infections and diseases.

There are undeniably many ways to boost immune system health, and one involves the use of B vitamins. According to health experts, B vitamins are essential for preventive health purposes. 

There are many health benefits linked with their use, and their deficiencies are even associated with a myriad of undesirable health consequences. When deficiencies develop, it leads to symptoms like dementia, confusion, anemia, depression, and fatigue. 

One B vitamin found to help enhance immune system health is riboflavin, which women need to get 1.1 mg of on a daily basis. 

For men, they need to have 1.3 mg of vitamin B2. It has been found this remedy helps the body break down as well as utilize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins from the diet. It even aids in metabolizing food into energy. 

It is worth realizing that this vitamin B type helps in maintaining the health of blood cells, the skin, and the lining of the gut. There have also been research studies showing its remarkable ability to enhance immune system health. 

B vitamins can be obtained from consuming certain foods but there are also supplements available. One is Purest Vantage Vitamin B Complex, which is gaining increasing popularity in the global market today. 

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