Realistic Wall Murals for Every Home

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( — July 20, 2022) — Wall murals are one of the most popular and simple methods of decorating walls. Such products can not only complement the interior but also add originality to the room. Today, the most fashionable idea is realistic wall paintings.   

How to choose realistic murals

This kind of product makes the room more voluminous. However, before choosing realistic wallpaper, it is worth taking into account the design of the room, as well as the color of the furniture.

As a rule, the living room has a fairly large area, so the wallpaper should be pasted in the part of the room where there is no obstructing furniture. If the room has furniture in dark shades such as blue, brown, or chocolate, then it is better to choose products in lighter tones. A good choice would be wallpaper:

  • liquid and black and white;
  • Interior design wood and art;
  • flower purple and petal.

On the contrary, the living room is made in light shades, so it is worth paying attention to the wallpaper, which is made in dark tones.

For the bedroom, you should choose wallpaper in calming tones that will create a pleasant atmosphere in the room and at the same time contribute to a good night’s sleep. Excellent would be wallpaper:

  • flower and branch;
  • white flower and petal;
  • birds in the sky and water.

An interesting option would be to decorate the kitchen with colorful wallpaper. With the help of such wall murals, you can separate the dining area from the working area, or divide the dining room and the kitchen. If the kitchen is small, then murals with realistic images will help to make the room more voluminous and bright.  

Nowadays colorful wall murals are used not only in apartment buildings but also on commercial premises. In order to decorate the office building and make it modern, you can use wallpaper with realistic images safely. Thus it is possible to make a thematic decor in the room.

How to order a realistic wall mural

You are able to buy wall murals online in our online store Uwalls. There is a catalog with different kinds of wallpapers by theme on the resource. This format allows you to find the image you need quickly, and see the price and specifications of the materials. If you have questions about the range, you can ask them via chat, and the manager will give you all the information and help to place the order. We deliver to all regions, so you have no problem with it.