Researchers Now Warn Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Odds of Chronic Headache

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( — July 28, 2022) Orlando, FL — Nutrients like vitamin D have long been a subject of research due to their remarkable healing benefits. It is important to realize that its deficiency is also linked with certain health issues. 

A study was published in the Scientific Reports.

This study, which was carried out by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, has shown that vitamin D deficiency may increase the odds of chronic headaches. 

This study is called the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study, KIHD.

It looked into the serum vitamin D levels and occurrence of headaches in roughly 2,600 men aged between 42 and 60 years from 1984-1989.

The investigators found serum vitamin D levels that were below 50 nmol/l in 68 percent of these men. It is worth realizing that this is deemed to be a threshold for the deficiency of this vitamin. 

It has further been found that 250 men reported suffering from chronic headaches at least weekly. The investigators also observed that men reporting chronic headaches had reduced serum vitamin D levels than others. 

In previous research studies, it has been shown there was an association between low vitamin D intake and the increased odds of chronic diseases. Reduced vitamin D levels have been linked with heightened odds of headache.

The researchers divided the subjects into four groups according to their serum vitamin D levels. The findings demonstrate that those with the lowest levels had more than twofold risk of chronic headache compared to the group with the highest levels. 

Interestingly, it has been found that chronic headaches seemed to happen to men examined outside the summer months of June through September.

Vitamin D is undeniably an extremely useful nutrient, and it continues to be a popular subject of research today. There have also been studies showing that it aids in preventing migraine attacks.

A study was published in Headache. 

It has been found subjects in Iran with serum vitamin D levels of between 50 ng/mL and 99.9 ng/mL were at a reduced odds of developing migraine.

Experts theorize that this may be due to the fact that vitamin D aids in targeting inflammation and disturbed immune systems. These are some factors speculated to contribute to the pathogenesis of migraine headaches. 

In addition to being helpful for headaches, this nutrient could also work wonders in delivering a myriad of health benefits.

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