US B2B Contact/Lead Scoring & Engagement – 2022 Revenue Acceleration Tool Launch

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( — August 19, 2022) — has launched a new revenue acceleration manifesto for business owners wanting to achieve their sales goals in 2022 and beyond. The team takes core principles from successful companies and helps clients to prioritize leads more effectively.

By following the new manifesto, business owners can implement traditional B2C approaches within a B2B framework. The goal is to empower clients to close more deals at a higher value, maximizing their ROI.

More information can be found at: explains that one of the challenges facing business owners is that their departments often have different definitions of success. The team created its new manifesto to ensure that more businesses can achieve growth and take their company to new heights.

The manifesto begins by underscoring the importance of engineering the company’s revenue trajectory. Successful business owners know that their growth will flatten over time, and it’s important to plan for this. New strategies can then be implemented at the most impactful moment.

Emphasis is also placed on creating and maintaining a consistent, quality experience for customers at every touchpoint. Businesses are encouraged to think about exchanging value more regularly, and maximizing efficiency.

Those wanting to experience the greatest results are encouraged to narrow their focus. By creating a narrower picture of their ideal customer, business owners can transform their sales system into a data-driven feedback loop.

This is a key focal point of the service available through Companies are able to take their existing data and use the Breadcrumbs software to gain clarity and understanding. The sales team can then use these insights to take more purposeful action.

The company explains that its solution works with any tech stack to create a more data-driven approach to sales and marketing.

Features include co-dynamic scores, attributed to leads so that businesses can take more reliable action. Support is available for multiple teams across workspaces.

Breadcrumbs uses the same scoring methodology that some of the web’s most successful companies have been using for years. Now they’re striving to help more clients implement these effective measures.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Not everyone who visits your page is ready to buy. Not everyone who downloads an e-book will become a customer. Use Breadcrumbs to fuel your revenue engine with buyers, not tire kickers.”

Interested parties can learn more at: