How Reeve Benaron is Helping People Live Healthier, Happier, and Longer Lives

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( — October 31, 2022) —

A tech leader and visionary entrepreneur, Reeve Benaron has a long history of success in a broad spectrum of industries and fields. He studied finance and economics at the University of San Diego and completed Talmudic studies at the Yeshiva University of Los Angeles.


By the time he was 25 years old, Mr. Benaron had become the First Vice-President of the Investment Banking division of Salomon Brothers. In this position and many others to come, he proved himself a highly skilled and capable senior executive when it comes to spearheading multifaceted business planning, fostering productive strategic partnerships, and guiding companies through complex mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


Reeve Benaron first became interested in the healthcare field in the year 2000 after his mother received a brain tumor diagnosis. Fortunately, surgeons were able to successfully remove this tumor, and Mr. Benaron’s mother made a full recovery. Even better, the incident sparked an altruistic passion in her son that endures to this day. He became preoccupied with ways to help people in the medical environment.


In the wake of his mother’s health crisis, Reeve Benaron began asking himself important questions. “What is it about the human body that causes certain cells to break down earlier and cells to break down later in life? How can we extend that? Aside from the obvious of helping people heal when they’re sick, how can we help people live happier, longer lives?”


Because he was already deeply involved in the world of technology, Mr. Benaron began looking there for answers to his healthcare questions. “When I started looking at healthcare and started looking at technology and mirroring those together, I started seeing that there was something that we can really do on the digital side to evolve and advance humanity,” he recalls.


Beyond the healthcare arena, Reeve Benaron fostered an expansive exploration of the power of targeted thought leadership to solve any number of problems facing the global population of Earth. A firm believer in startups as the core drivers of innovation, job creation, and economic growth in the modern digital age, he co-founded the prominent Southern California real estate development company Bear Industries, LLC, in 2005.


Reeve Benaron went on to co-found and chair the omnichannel marketing technology provider AUDIENCEX. Dedicated to direct consumer engagement, AUDIENCEX leverages the power of digital technology, marketing strategy, and creative content creation to deliver targeted messages across a broad range of media channels.


Reeve Benaron is also a partner with AX Venture Partners, a company that invests in future industry leaders through a combination of venture capitalism and marketing oversight. He has been involved with both AX Venture Partners and AUDIENCEX since 2012.


While working tirelessly on his various business leadership and entrepreneurial ventures, Reeve Benaron has also done his part to make the world a better place through a range of community service and philanthropic endeavors. He has been a donor with the American Red Cross since 1998 and has spearheaded fundraising efforts for the United Jewish Federation since 2002, Children First since 2003, and Doctors Vision Center since 2011.


In the late 2010s, Reeve Benaron saw a way to bring his professional pursuits into line with his passion for healthcare improvement and his commitment to charitable service. Drawing upon his deep technological knowledge, he led the development of a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform designed to increase healthcare access by delivering relevant solutions directly into people’s homes.


Combining this revolutionary platform with powerful global manufacturing and extensive service distribution networks, Intrivo has been making a real difference in people’s lives since February 2020. Since founding the company, Reeve Benaron has guided its development as its Chairman and Co-CEO.


Intrivo has garnered widespread accolades for the work it has done to improve healthcare options for large populations around the world. As just one example, Intrivo sprang into action when Reeve Benaron realized that far too few COVID-19 tests were being delivered to New York nursing homes at the height of the global pandemic and war-torn Ukraine at the height of the Russian occupation.


“We were the ones that were able to actually deliver tests to nursing homes in New York,” Reeve Benaron remembers. “We saved thousands of lives doing that. Nobody was there at the time doing that. We were there doing that. We were able to deliver tests into war zones where nobody even thought about tests into war zones. We were able to do things that I believe, and I know, not just I believe, but I know saved so many lives.”


Beyond saving lives, Reeve Benaron believes in making healthcare just a little bit better for everyone who simply schedules a routine wellness visit. He is humbly grateful every time he hears that someone had a positive medical experience thanks to Intrivo and its services.


“To me, that’s the most gratifying feeling of all,” says Mr. Benaron. “The heart and the essence of what we do is to do good and to make the healthcare experience fun. We want to make the healthcare experience fun, not something that you dread doing, not something that, ‘Oh, I have to go to the doctor, what a drag. I don’t really feel like going to the doctor. It’s really a pain in the butt, not something I want to do,’ but to actually make the experience fun.”


From treating unhoused populations to advocating for mental health, Reeve Benaron sees few limitations on what he and his partner Ron Gutman can do with Intrivo. In short, they are always looking for new ways that they can help.


As Reeve Benaron says, “I have three kids, and one of the important things that I try, and I’ve been married for 21 years, and I have three boys, 18, 15, and 12. One of the things that I try to do is lead by example, both as a father and a husband, as an entrepreneur and a business person, and try to give it back wherever I can. Really, the underlying mission of what we do, or what I do specifically and how I like to lead the company, and I know Ron feels the same way, is the heart of what we do is helping people live happier, healthier, longer lives.”