Research Highlights Link Between Processed Foods and Obesity

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( — November 18, 2022) Orlando, FL — Multiple research studies have shown a link between food and body weight. Researchers have been particularly warning against the consumption of unhealthy foods, which significantly increases the odds of obesity. 

A study has particularly shown that in the United States, the obesity epidemic is associated with the widespread intake of processed foods.  

In this study, George Washington University (GW) researcher Leigh A. Frame, Ph.D., MHS revealed that detailed recommendations for enhancing diet quality and overall nutrition are required for consumers. This is particularly applicable to those who prioritize food that is cheaper, more convenient, and highly processed. 

The findings of this interesting study were published in a review article in Current Treatment Options in Gastroenterology.

“When comparing the U.S. diet to the diet of those who live in “blue zones” — areas with populations living to age 100 without chronic disease — the differences are stark,” said Frame.

The frame is also co-author of the article, program director for the Integrative Medicine Programs, executive director of the Office of Integrative Medicine and Health, and assistant professor of clinical research and leadership at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

“Many of the food trends we reviewed are tied directly to a fast-paced U.S. lifestyle that contributes to the obesity epidemic we are now facing.”

It is worth noting that the increase in ultra-processed food intake is correlated with the rising obesity epidemic in the U.S. as well as some other related chronic ailments. There are foods most associated with weight gains, such as sugar-sweetened beverages, potato chips, sweets and desserts, refined grains, red meats, and processed meats.

Further, there is a link between lower weight gain or weight loss and the intake of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Making dietary modifications is undeniably vital for weight management and in warding off obesity.

It is also recommended to engage in physical activities regularly, which have long been linked with a myriad of health benefits. It is important to note that multiple research studies have demonstrated the relevance of exercise for weight management.

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