Experts Strongly Recommend Knowing One’s Risk for Heart Disease

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( — December 5, 2022) Orlando, FL — An increasing number of people are struggling from heart health issues, which is the number one killer in many areas around the globe. 

According to experts, there are several factors that contribute to the increase on one’s risk of heart disease. In the United States, around half of the population or 47 percent have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease.

These risk factors are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking. It is worth noting hypertension is also known as a silent killer because it produces no symptoms, but can be fatal. Having high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol 

It is important to be warned that having a diet loaded with trans fat, saturated fats, and cholesterol has been associated with heart disease and related conditions, such as atherosclerosis. 

There are various remedies found to be particularly helpful for heart health. It is vital to engage in physical activities regularly and follow a healthy diet. 

Scientists have been increasingly studying one bromelain, which is a mixture of different thiol endopeptidases that work in breaking down proteins.

It is further worth noting that this therapeutic remedy has protease inhibitors, which stop some protease enzymes from breaking down proteins. Experts also reveal this digestive enzyme has anti-blood clotting and anti-inflammatory actions.

Today, more and more researchers are looking into the heart health benefits of remedies like bromelain. In a study involving rats, it has been found bromelain administration led in a decrease in the damage caused by ischemia, or insufficient blood supply. 

As a result, this therapeutic remedy worked in lessening heart cell death as well as in enhancing recovery following a heart attack or stroke. 

The researchers further revealed that incubation with bromelain stopped isolated platelets from clumping together, and this stayed true even after adding drugs that are formulated to promote platelet aggregation.

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