Data Science and Solving Global Crises

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( — December 3, 2022) — In the year 2015, the United Nations identified 17 problems that are happening worldwide and named them SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It was decided that by 2030, all the SDGs should have been solved. Of all the newly developed concepts and technologies in the 21st century, data science and its data analysis tools have the potential to solve almost any real-life problem, and hence, we could count on data science as a tool to tackle global issues. Without data nothing is possible but in casinos, free spins are possible without kasyno bez depozytu.

How does Data Science help?

All the data available to us can be utilized to capture and analyze all human issues, and necessary products and services can be initialized to tackle them. The collection of data sets that are centered only on a particular issue will help researchers and scholars thoroughly understand the intensity and impacts of that issue. ’The concepts of “big data” can be used to learn more about the already used mechanisms to solve these issues, and those can be improvised even more. Data scientists also use the method of “factor analysis,” where the problem is divided into many parts, and all the factors associated with the cause and course of the problem are tackled separately.

With all these steps, data scientists and researchers get to know how to solve a particular problem and use “Data Engineering” concepts to brainstorm and check the viability of different real-life solutions. And finally, the ‘data model’ is formed, which is more like a prototype, and once it proves to work properly, meeting all the requirements, implementation will be done. 

Data science can be used if we consider a scenario where the air pollution in a city needs to be reduced. All data on how and where unnecessary pollution occurs must be collected and analyzed. If more factories cause extreme amounts of pollution, their running times can be reduced. If it is the vehicles that prove to be the major cause, video footage from traffic signals and other places can be used to identify the several types of vehicles traveling and optimize the road system, with the creation of specific emission zones and so on. Data science also aids in the prevention of many problems, such as targeted cyber-attacks, in which all data collected before a previous cyber-attack is used to predict and avoid a new one. Big Data can also be used to predict demand and avoid shortages of stocks.

And not just this, many other real-life problems like optimal routes for ambulances, analyzing and tackling the problems that can be created due to climate change, and even a valid and efficient job recommendation program using all data from the unemployed can be created using data science.

In the present scenario, it can be said that data science and data analysis tools are underused to tackle world problems. Any problem could be solved efficiently if the world’s leaders used an effective combination of data and strong innovation methods.